What Is the Cost of Replacement Windows?

Updated on July 7, 2020

An Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Replacement Windows

On average, the cost of replacement windows is $650 per window. The cost usually ranges from $200 to $1800. To have all the windows in a standard 3-bedroom home, you will spend between $3000 to $10000. However, for large homes, the cost can go as high as $20000. A small single-pane window made of aluminium can cost as little as $200 plus the labor, while large, double pane windows made of the same material might cost you $5000, with improved features such as low-E coating. Labour alone will cost you $100-$300 per window.

However, though for most homeowners, these costs are high, but they are worth it. New replacement windows offer your home a number of benefits ranging from improved curb appeal to comfort to high energy efficiency. The new windows also allows more light to get into your home and make your home livelier. So, considering the many benefits the new windows gives you the cost of replacement windows shouldn’t bother you, but then you should always operate within your budget. In any case, always make sure your project is handled by a professional window installer.

  1. Average Cost Of Window Replacement

The lowest window replacement cost is $200, the average cost is $650 and the highest cost is $1800.

  1. Window Cost Based On Material

The cost of replacement windows is greatly influence by the window material. Depending on the window material you choose, you can spend from $75-$1500 per window. Apart from the window price, you will need to pay for the labour, which ranges from $100-$300.

Here is the consideration.

Type Materials
Wood $150-$1300
Aluminium $75-$400
Composite $300-$1200
Fiberglass $500-$1800

For personalised and large projects, the cost can shoot by anything between 25%-50%

  1. Cost Of Replacing Vinyl Windows

To replace a typical vinyl window, it will cost you between $100-$900.

For customised and large bow or bay windows, the cost can be as high as $1500-$2000. However, this is one of the most affordable, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain option available. 

  1. The Cost Of Replacing Wooden Windows.

A window replacement cost for a typical wooden window range between $150-$1300.

Wood windows are preferred because:

  • They are the best option for historical homes that require strict use to maintain the look and style.
  • They maintain the value of home.
  • They improve the curb appeal of the home.
  • Durable.
  1. Fiberglass Windows Replacement Cost

The cost for replacing a single fiberglass window runs from $500-$1800. Fiberglass is preferred for its durability, beauty, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

  1. Aluminium Cost

With as low as $75, you can replace your aluminium window. However, for large and high-end windows, you can spend up to $1200 and more for a single window.

  1. Composite Window Replacement Cost

To replace a single composite window, you will spend between $300 to $1200. Composite offers more durability compared to vinyl and wood. It mimics wood look and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance as wood. It is also energy efficient.

  1. Window Replacement By Style

On average, you should be ready to spend between $40-$1400, depending on the window style you opt for. Besides that, labour per window will cost you approximately $200.

Before you buy any window, ensure that the window style, size, and function is what you are looking for.

Type Material Price Only
Folding or sliding$150-$800
Bay and Bow$1,000-$4,500
  1. Custom Replacements

If you opt for customised windows replacement, the cost of replacement windows will be higher than what you could have paid for standard Northtech Windows and Doors. For each custom-built window, it will cost you $1000. Custom window installation is normally common among historical homes where there are no standard openings or where specific windows should be installed.

  1. Energy Efficient Windows

For energy-efficient windows, you can spend between $300-$1000 per window. However, this cost is likely to skyrocket for high-end energy-efficient windows. Low- e costings will add between 10%-15% on the total cost.

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