What Is The Best Real Estate Software For My Needs?

Updated on December 24, 2021

Real estate software is a useful application that allows to simplify routine processes for both a private agent and large regional companies, private agencies with a small team, as well as the owners of a real estate service company and the owner of real estate objects. The software market offers a lot of solutions for this field of activity, each of which has its own separate advantages and is suitable for the specific needs of companies. The following will feature the best of the best products that have earned the most popularity in 2020-21.

TOP 7 types of software for real estate

Dozens of products from leading companies in the development of business applications were considered in the choice of software. Each of these programs has advantages and strengths, and each is designed to help you run your business and optimize processes. The following programs are among the best:

  1. Astral Construction & Real Estate ERP. It is a platform from an Indian manufacturer for developers and builders. With its help, workers can manage organizational information at one site. The program helps to fully conduct business on the project – to determine the volume, composition of work, type of real estate, register houses, plan payment, reporting and drafting contracts. The software provides several modules: for managing purchases, registering orders, leads and payments.
  2. Alphaletz. It is a smart program designed for property owners and landlords. You can use both the PC version and the mobile version. The software is an advanced application with powerful functionality and a lot of useful tools: creating a task in a few clicks, setting up auto notifications, checking deadlines in the near future.
  3. Re-Leased. It is a state-of-the-art cloud-based software designed for the management of office, industrial, retail and mixed real estate. A real estate software development company will help create such a convenient and useful software to get related functions, such as setting up automatic notifications, a wide toolbar for interacting with a client and handling organizational issues, and conducting analytics.
  4. Rent Manager. This is an application with wide functionality and powerful tools for real estate management. This software is suitable for any type of business that is involved in the real estate industry. With its help, it is possible to automate the accounting and reporting processes, as well as configure the functionality for maintenance, create a technical service map, and optimize business processes.
  5. Buildium. Software to help realtors in drawing up rental requests, solving service problems, processing customer payments and compiling reports on the work done. The program includes accounting functionality.
  6. AppFolio. The program is designed to manage real estate, which helps to cope with the following functions: optimization of interactions between agents and customers, reporting and drafting contracts, smart billing, internal service, online service requests, optimization of processes for maintaining utilities, order management for work as well as mobile inspections. The program is released in two versions: for computer technology and for mobile devices.
  7. PlanRadar. It is one of the easiest real estate software to manage. With its help, it is possible to conduct analytics, increase the efficiency of personnel, improve interaction with customers, automate some of the routine processes, and manage tasks. The program becomes a single source of relevant information and a medium for communication between clients and agents.

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