What Is Singlecare and Its Benefits?

Updated on October 11, 2020

Many people choose to have insurance benefits that cover various areas of their health requirements for themselves and their family members. Having good health requires a lot of money, and spending on health services can cost you a fortune.

Singlecare is a company that lets you get the best service you need in all areas of health. Other insurance companies have coverage limitations and rules on deductibles and prescription drug prices, but Singlecare members get savings upfront.

What is Singlecare?

Singlecare is a membership card that helps you comparison shop. You can easily compare prescription prices on a mobile app. It’s easy to use with a smartphone and has easy to follow steps:

  • You simply enter the name and the dosage you need. 
  • After, you need to select your desired price, and several discount coupons will come up. 
  • Have a copy of this discount coupon by saving it in text form, email, or having a hard copy of it.
  • Present this coupon to your pharmacy and get the discount.

Other than the fact that it’s simple to use, here are several benefits of getting a Singlecare membership card:

Brings Down The Cost of Your Prescription

If you’re buying drugs on a pharmacy, you’ll have to choose either Singlecare or your insurance to cover your purchase; you cannot choose both. 

Singlecare allows you to compare prices when buying prescriptions, and you’ll find that it’s best to opt for what it offers rather than your insurance because prices are lower. You can also check their website to compare prices to help you with your buying decisions.

Single care is also good for brand name drugs, although its default settings on the website will be for generic drugs. Brand names and generic drugs have the same active ingredients, but generic drugs are vastly cheaper.

Singlecare works directly with drug companies so you can always get the best deals and prices. You’ll find that 40 percent of generic drugs cost less than $10 with the Singlecare option.  

Thus, there’s a better dollar value saved with Singlecare. You can always browse their prices compared to the competition, and if you find that the price satisfies, you simply purchase the prescription you need using your Singlecare membership.

No Monthly Fees To Pay

Since Singlecare is not an insurance company, you don’t need to pay monthly fees. It allows you to save money simply by using it; there are no conditions. 

Insurance requires monthly fees, and your discounts will depend on the premium you obtained. Singlecare works independently and can give you discounts without any joining fees or monthly fees. 

Associated With Thousands of Pharmacies Nationwide

You don’t have to travel far since most pharmacies in your area will be a Singlecare partner. Thus, you won’t have trouble getting a pharmacy that has a partnership with Singlecare.

There are over 35,000 pharmacies that participate with Singlecare. To make sure there’s a member pharmacy in your area, you can simply search on the Singlecare app or desktop device.

No Eligibility Requirements

To get a discount, other companies or types of membership will require you to disclose personal information and other facts such as your health condition and credit score. 

Singlecare doesn’t require any information. You don’t need to fill out claim forms or meet any deductibles. As mentioned, you can get discounts simply by using your Singlecare card.

Can Be Offered To Your Anyone

If you’re a business owner, you can offer Singlecare memberships at no cost. Employees are always after perks to increase their productivity and loyalty to an organization. 

The perks of a membership will be attractive to many employees, and they can be used anywhere. Also, it’s free to offer Singlecare memberships so it won’t cost a thing for your company.

Get Treated Before Paying

If you need health care services for your eye or dental health, for instance, you can get the services immediately and pay later. Singlecare handles all the bills upfront so you can get treatment right away. 

Simply choose your preferred method on the app, and Singlecare will bill you later. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, HAS, and FSA.

Final Thoughts

Health shouldn’t cost a fortune, and people should get the best health service possible. 

Singlecare is a membership that helps you get fantastic discounts with no joining fees or monthly fees. Get the best health you can have and don’t delay getting necessary health services because this can help cover your needs. 

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