What is CBD Oil? 10 Best Ways to Consume Diamond CBD

Updated on May 15, 2020

Millions of people worldwide live in pain. However, pain medications such as morphine have significant side effects, unlike CBD Oil. The good news is that there are proven alternative pain medications like CBD which is helping a lot of people manage various other types of chronic pain symptoms.

A significant advantage of using natural pain medications such as CBD is that it won’t cause any dependency like pain killers tend to do. 

CBD oil is extracted from the plant named Cannabis Sativa. CBD is a chemical found within medical marijuana known as Cannabidiol, which is also employed in producing CBD Oil. 

With many states legalizing medical marijuana for recreational and medical purposes, it wasn’t long ago that even the thought of a marijuana user carried connotations of drug abuse and addiction.

Now we’re starting to understand the many benefits of this wonderful plant and integrate it into our established medical fields. Marijuana has proven benefits such as pain relief, decreased anxiety, and the ability to stop epileptic seizures and enhance appetite. It’s even been proven to stop the spread of cancers.

90% of Adults Who Use CBD Oil to Treat Epilepsy Find Success

The treatment of epilepsy was one of the first known benefits of marijuana. Though not effective for every case, an Australian study has found that marijuana is effective in treating 90% of patients looking to find relief to their condition.

Here are 10 ways you can consume CBD:

1. Take it Orally

If you’ve never taken CBD oil before, we recommend ingesting it orally to start. For example, CBD Honey is a favorite edible of many users.

2. Apply it Topically 

When treating aches and pains, you can simply apply the CBD oil as a topical application.

3. Vaping 

You can get the benefits of CBD oil by inhaling it with a vaporizer.

4. Use a Patch

You can now use a transdermal patch—a medicated adhesive patch—which is placed on your skin. It transfers the CBD into your bloodstream right through the skin.

5. Spray It On

Purchase sublingual sprays which are concentrated cannabis tinctures. Spray it under your tongue where your capillaries can provide a direct route for the cannabis to enter your system.

6. Smoking

You can smoke CBD oil concentrate by using what is known as an “oil rig” which is similar to a water pipe.

7. Capsule

When you ingest CBD oil in a capsule form, it will pass through the digestive tract. It’s then absorbed into your bloodstream and navigate its way through the body.

8. Powder

Like the capsule form, when CBD oil is ingested, it goes from your digestive tract into the bloodstream.

9. Vaginal

CBD may also be applied in a spray format to the mucosal tissue of the vagina where it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

10. Anally

Finally, you can take CDB oil as a suppository.  It works in a similar fashion to topicals. The CBD is easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

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