What does a visit from an OBGYN involve?


The Visit

A health specialist who specializes solely on the reproductive health of women is known as a gynecologist. A health specialist who is responsible for giving clinical care to women when they are pregnant and immediately after they deliver is known as an obstetrician. Both gynaecologists and obstetricians have the capability to aid in childbirth. An OB/GYN is a health expert who has received the training of being a gynaecologist as well as that of an obstetrician. This allows them to perform all these activities competently. In Winter Park, pregnancy is considered a delicate matter in which visits to the OBGYN are recommended before, during and after the pregnancy.

Why do you need to visit an OB/GYN?

A visit to the OB/GYN is not only important for expectant mothers or new mothers but also for all females aged thirteen years and above. The wellness exams at the OB/GYNs office should be performed as early as adolescence to get important vaccines like HPV, test for STIs/STDs, cancer screenings, among other significant tests. OB/GYNs are involved in the examination of crucial aspects of your health such as childbirth, menopause and the use of contraception. Diagnosis and treatment of infections affecting the bladder, pelvic or urinary tract can also be done by an OB/GYN. In some cases, where surgical treatment procedure is required, the OB/GYN can competently handle the task.

Is visiting an OB/GYN an easy or hard task?

Many women can be hesitant to visit an OB/GYN since they handle very personal and delicate matters concerning the overall well being of an individual. The first time visiting an OB/GYN can cause feelings of embarrassment and nervousness associated with  the nature of the visit.The OB/GYN’s are very professional and will help to make you feel as comfortable as possible. In many females, the challenge is not only in physical exposure but also in verbally discussing private matters with the health specialist. This is why it is essential to find an OB/GYN that you trust and are comfortable with so you can discuss comprehensively what you should expect during the checkup.

How to identify an OBGYN you trust and are comfortable around

 In addition to being skilled and well trained, the OB/GYN ou choose should be someone you are at ease around and someone you can trust. OB/GYN’s deal with very private parts of the body, so selecting the right specialist should be done carefully after a lot of consideration. Recommendations from family, friends or your primary care physician should be helpful in assisting you in making an appropriate choice as opposed to randomly selecting a qualified specialist. The physical examination requires the patient to undress fully so it is crucial to establish if you are most comfortable having a female or a male specialist. Prior to the examination, the patient can have a consultation with the OB/GYN where they inquire about the specialist’s expertise, experience in the field, and their views on reproductive matters like contraception and epidurals. During the consultation, the OB/GYN will also clarify if the bill will be covered by your health insurance, if the insurance coverage grants you admitting privileges in their health facility, among others. The OB/GYN will also suggest things to avoid before the physical exam like douching or sexual intercourse for at least a day.