What Does a Cavity Look Like and More Facts

Updated on January 8, 2021

Cavities are scary, no matter what age you are. Whether you’re a child who loves candies too much or a teen who can’t get enough of sodas, you know what’s lurking in the shadows of all this sweetness. Cavities. Yes, that’s what. If you’re looking to see how a cavity looks like on someone’s teeth, we are here to help you discover what does a cavity look like

What is a “cavity”?

A cavity is a monster that everyone fears. This monster is a gaping hole on the surface of your teeth that goes deeper if not treated. It ends up making a cavity within your tooth that makes it weak and may cause you to lose the tooth. Cavities are very painful when not treated and cause great pain and discomfort while eating. 

One of the most common places for cavity occurrence is the molars and pre-molars (the teeth in the back) as they are not only harder to clean and see, but also have several grooves that allow food to collect over time. When food is collected over these teeth, it invites bacteria that can cause cavities.

What causes cavities?

Cavities are caused by many factors which include:

  • Sweet foods and drinks:

All sugary sweet items, be it candies, chocolates, or drinks when consumed frequently allow bacteria to grow on our teeth and as a result cause cavities that weaken the teeth. These sweet items are food for the bacteria therefore more sweet food results in more bacteria growth in your mouth. 

  • Junk Food:

Junk food, like chips and biscuits, are more likely to stick to the teeth for longer periods instead of being washed away by your saliva. As a result, they feed bacteria in your mouth and allow them to grow. People often do not clean their mouths after snacking on such items therefore the likelihood of getting a cavity from junk food is very high. 

  • Not Brushing your Teeth:

The failure to brush your teeth properly or regularly can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. Not only does it make your teeth weaker and your breath smell foul but also protects bacteria that live on your tongue and your teeth. These bacteria, when not washed away, can cause damage to your teeth. One of the most common of these damages is the cavity. 

What does a cavity look like?

A cavity is very easy to spot, more so if it’s older. One of the first signs of a cavity is the discoloration of your teeth or white patches on the teeth that are completely different from the white of the teeth. The teeth can get stained brown, black, or white and this staining usually occurs from the bottom up. If you see such discoloration, you should immediately contact your dentist. If you tilt your head a bit and use a dental mirror you might even be able to see a cavity. A cavity looks like just what it is called: a hole. You will see a hole in your tooth, which might be significantly small or large depending on how recent the cavity is. It will also hurt a lot, so there’s another way of knowing whether you have it or not. 

Cavities not only cause you discomfort for the time being but also cause tooth loss and weight loss. They can also severely affect your diet and the bacteria can spread to other teeth. If not treated on time, it can even turn into an infection that gets complicated because it’s inside your mouth. Take care of your teeth and stay away from cavities. 

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