What Do Pumping Bras Do?

Updated on June 16, 2022

Breastfeeding becomes one of the regular to-do’s after giving birth to your little one. And if you aren’t breastfeeding, then you might be pumping in order to produce breast milk and to keep your breasts producing the amount of milk that is necessary. Because it’s something you do several times a day everyday for months, then having the right clothing can make all of the difference. There’s nothing more frustrating than wearing a bra that is not conducive to nursing or pumping breast milk. However, it’s not exactly ideal to go to places without a bra. And that’s where a pumping bra comes in handy. A pumping bra allows for you to have the comfort of wearing a bra but also have the ability to easily breastfeed or pump when necessary. No more having to try and finagle your regular bra when pumping. A pumping bra can change the game for you by making pumping and nursing a whole lot easier than before.

The Clasp

One of the features that sets a pumping bra apart is a nursing clasp. A nursing clasp allows you to undo the front covering fabric from one side or both sides. This makes it easy to nurse or pump without having to take your whole bra off. Your bra stays put, and the only thing that moves is the fabric in the front that covers your breast. A regular bra does not have this feature, making you have to take off your straps or undo your bra altogether. And having to take off your whole bra underneath a shirt is definitely not ideal.

Adjustable Straps

Having a pumping bra with adjustable straps is something you will be thankful for. Even after birth, your body is going through drastic changes, with your breasts being one of them. As you produce milk, your breast will begin to enlarge. And as you produce less milk, your breasts will reduce in size. With the changes happening in your breasts, having adjustable straps can help support you by matching the changes that are happening in your body. A pumping bra with adjustable straps can meet your needs and help the post-pregnancy phase go a little more smoothly.

Pull-Down Design

With the different layers in a pumping bra, you also have another method of nursing or pumping without having to take off your entire bra. With a pulldown design, you can pull down an under layer that exposes discreet slits in the bra for easy access. On the front of the pumping bra, you have a top layer that completely covers your breasts. Underneath, you have a second layer that overlaps with the third bottom layer to create two small openings where you can pull the layers apart and have access to the nipples. The slits are just large enough for nursing or applying pumps to your breasts while keeping everything else covered. There is no unclipping involved in this process. All you have to do is pull apart the layers to expose the nipples. Then, when you’re done nursing or pumping, you can simply put the layers back to cover your breasts and resume your normal activities. 

Soft Fabric

Unfortunately, bras can get pretty uncomfortable. With a pumping bra, it is essential to have soft and cozy fabric that doesn’t irritate your breasts which are already a little sensitive from pumping and nursing. You also don’t necessarily want wiring throughout your bra either. Finding a pumping bra that is made of soft material, like modal fabric, is ideal for comfort. Modal is a soft, cotton-like material that is used for many undergarments, t-shirts, and pillows because of its softness. Because many pumping bras aren’t wired, you want to make sure to get a pumping bra that is made out of good fabric and that is finely ribbed to hold everything together. Having a supportive pumping bra that is ultra comfortable is necessary for those days of endlessly nursing and pumping. What also helps with the structure is all of the layering that was mentioned above. Several layers, good material, and a ribbed design will give you the ultimate pumping bra for post-pregnancy.

Designed for Mamas

A pumping bra was designed with the mamas in mind. They are meant to make nursing and pumping much easier than when you are using a regular bra. They are also meant to be comfortable, supportive, and cover the vulnerable areas of your body. By having a clasp, you can easily take down the front layer from one side or both sides without having to remove your entire bra. The adjustable straps are helpful for when your breasts are expanding and reducing in size as your body changes in post-pregnancy. The pull-down design makes it easy to pull layers apart to show discrete slits in the pumping bra to give access to the nipples without completely exposing the breasts. With a pumping bra, nursing and breastfeeding can be a breeze anywhere, any time.

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