What Do Dental Tourists Need To Know About Dental Implantation in Mexico?

Updated on August 11, 2022

When medical tourists start planning their dental implantation trip, they want to find a safe destination that permits them to save maximum money without putting the dental services under question. Mexico is a unique country that offers a perfect balance between high quality of medical care and affordable costs. Besides, Mexico is the first choice among medical tourists from the USA due to its proximity. So, Americans just need to cross the border to receive 3-4 times cheaper dental services compared to the same ones in the USA, which permits saving money and time on travel. You can make sure of it by checking prices for dental implantation at top Mexico’s clinics at https://us-uk.bookimed.com/clinics/country=mexico/procedure=dental-implant/. Explore the material below to find information about prices.    

How Much Do Patients Save Choosing Mexico for Dental Implants?

Do you know that countries like Mexico treat more than a million international dental patients annually? The most patient flow comes from the USA. By reading numerous positive reviews on the Bookimed medical platform, you can be sure that Mexico can provide high-quality dental work along with affordable prices. Compare the approximate costs for Mexican dental implants with the USA/Canada to see how much you can save.

Average Prices Overview for Dental Implants in Mexico:

Titanium Dental Implant: 

  • The USA: $3,000-5,000
  • Canada: $2800-4,600
  • Mexico: $650-1,800

“All-on-4” Dental Implants:

  • The USA: $22,000-25,000
  • Canada: $20,000-22,000
  • Mexico: $5,000-12,000

Patients can easily save around 70% on Mexican dental procedures. You can submit a request on Bookimed to book the best Mexican dental implant deal and get maximum profit.

Is Mexican Dental Work Considered Safe?

Mexican clinics adopt all the international health/hygiene standards to serve international patients. According to the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council), Mexican medical destinations have obtained the “Safe Travels” stamp. Thousands of men and women got their dental implantation there and are happy with the outcome.

How to Select the Best Mexican Dental Surgeon?

It is a complex and time-consuming process to find out which Mexican dental surgeons are the best. First, you should choose the most convenient route of traveling. Then, you need to check hundreds of available dental clinics. The Bookimed consultant can make your research go much faster. Just make your online request, and a medical consultant will help you select the best options for dental implants:

  • The dental surgeon and clinic.
  • Available packages with exclusions.
  • Travel arrangements.

Tips for Efficient and Safe Dental Implants

  1. Getting a CT Scan

A Mexican dentist has to start dental implantation with a CT scan. The result of such screening will help determine the proper position of future dental implants. 3D simulation helps minimize mistakes regarding dental implant placement. CT scanning will allow a doctor to make a medical assessment and prevent any damage to the sinus/nerves.

  1. Ensure high-quality implants

We all know that dental implants last a lifetime once they are placed by an experienced surgeon who uses the best implant brands available on the market. It is not difficult to do fast research about the world-known dental implant manufacturers and ask your dentist to use one of them to achieve the best results of the procedure. Mexican clinics you can trust provide you implants of world’s manufacturers such as: Straumann, Envista, Dentsply Sirona, BioHorizons, Zimmer Biomet, etc.

  1. Select the closest destination 

If you plan to do complete implant restoration, you will have to come to Mexico at least two times with a 3-6 months gap. A dentist needs to replace temporary prosthetics with permanent ones. For most American tourists, the best option is across the border cities (Los Algodones, Tijuana, Juarez, etc.). You can choose other locations, but it’ll increase the cost and time consumption. 

Factors and Issues Affecting Dental Implantation:

  • Specific diseases: diabetes, kidney/liver disorders, cancer, alcoholism, HIV/AIDS.
  • Smoking: you have to be ready to quit smoking for a certain period of time before/after surgery to ensure a successful and fast healing process.
  • Lack of space: patients who need a single implant placement need space between adjacent teeth; otherwise, it can be problematic to place an implant.
  • Periodontal issues: a patient with periodontal issues have to treat them first before starting the dental implant procedure. 
  • Fragile bones: aged dental patients tend to wear dentures for many years. As a result, they have weak bone structures. Bone grafting can be risky for a patient’s health.
  • Physiological/mental diseases: patients suffering from neuroses, paranoia, or schizophrenia should avoid such dental procedures.

Let Bookimed Choose the Top Mexican Dental Implant Clinic

Bookimed can assist you in finding suitable Mexican dental clinics. The team takes the following factors into consideration:

  1. Dental clinic’s credentials;
  2. Experience in dealing with foreign patients;
  3. Dentist surgeons’ credentials;
  4. Services of interpreters or English-speaking medical staff;
  5. Safe and easy travel.
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