What are the different types of Kratom strains and their uses?

Updated on June 22, 2020

There is no doubt that natural resources are highly useful and provide permanent solutions to a number of health problems. One of them is muscular pain. People who work for 8 to 9 hours a day usually sit in the same posture. They do not get involved in a lot of physical activity. This leads to cramped up muscles. People take pain killers to deal with this issue but they last for a small span. Other health problems can also be treated through Kratom.

Knowing about health benefits is important 

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Types of Kratom strains

 There are various categories of Kratom and each of the have a specific set of uses.

Thai Strains

These strains are found in Thailand and come in different colors. You can get them in green and red. Energy increase is the main purpose for which they are used. People who cross the age of 50 usually struggle in retaining their stamina. It is not possible for them to work for 8 to 9 hours without getting an energy burst. Due to weakened digestion system, multivitamins do not work well for them.

Thai Strains also help with muscular pains. Whether you are young or old, muscular cramps cannot be avoided. Particularly people who sit for long hours face this problem. They gain pains due and even torn tissues. These strains smoothen muscular fibers and reduce pain as well. It becomes much easier to perform daily tasks without experiencing any trouble.

Malaysian Strains

This is another category of Kratom strains mostly found in Malaysia. You can get them in green, white and red colors. The uses depend on the color as well.

  • Malaysian strains are used mainly by depression patients. Such people usually have low levels and they do not feel like doing anything. This is an issue that most people who go through this mental problem face. These strains provide assistance with mood swings. It brings the needed stability and restores normality of the brain.
  • You can opt for these strains if you need pain relief. People who experience pain in the muscles or lower back usually cannot control it. The Malaysian strain is counted among the Kratom options that are stronger. Although there is an effect of sedation but it does not last for a longs span.

Red Vein Strains

If you talk about the category of Kratom strains that a good count of people knows about, it is red vein. Here are some aspects that provide information about its usefulness. 

  • These strains are found in Indonesia and like other categories, it is used for different health related purposes. Red vein strains are mostly used to deal with depression. This mind related problem is long lasting and chronic. It does not fade away easily. Some people combat it through conventional medicines but it gets them hooked on to them. In other words, they have to go through withdrawal symptoms.
  • Red vein strains eliminate depression forever if consumed regularly.  They are completely natural and treats depression in the perfect manner.

Why is Kratom so suitable for mental problems?

Most mental health problems have similar signs. If you talk about depression, the sufferers do not feel like doing anything. They feel lazy, lethargic and dejected. A long span of such feelings can lead to suicide. People usually approach doctors and get anti-depressants prescribed. These pills usually have a sedative effect due to which the effect of depression dies. This is for a limited span only.

  • Various types of Kratom strains are used to treat depression, mental stress, disorders and anxiety. Most of them are created because the mind is in the tensed state. As a result, people are unable to enjoy things and concentrate on a particular goal. Kratom provides long term solution to such problems. Unlike medical drugs, it does not stop the problem for a limited span of time. 
  • At times, people are not comfortable with tablets and it causes nausea for them. For such individuals, Kratom is the perfect way out. It can be taken in tea as well as the leaves can be chewed.

Summing it Up

Natural remedies for health problems or any other medical issue have slow effects. They tackle the issue properly but a long span is needed. People who have not consumed Kratom should gather some quality information about it particularly the strain types you can get your hands on. Primarily, people consume Thai, Malaysian and Red strains according to the requirements they have.

Muscular aches and mental problems are solved in the perfect way through Kratom strains. Users can ingest it in any form they like. If you are a regular team drinker, include Kratom in it. In a nutshell, consuming it from time to time saves people from long term health problems. 

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