What Are The Different Medical Coder Jobs?

Updated on November 17, 2021

Medical coding is a fast-growing field with several career opportunities. More and more medical coding jobs are popping up, which is great for anyone who wants to be associated with the medical field and escape the corporate sector. You can get the required qualification to be a medical coder and kick start your career. There are different medical coding jobs you can try your luck at. Before you start looking at your options, you must have a clear idea of what a medical coder is.

Who Is A Medical Coder?

Medical coders translate patient medical information into universal alphanumerical codes. The information includes doctor visits, diagnoses, and other medical procedures, which helps with proper documentation of medical history along with the financial records. A medical coder needs to be familiar with medical procedures and medical treatments to be able to translate them effectively. They must document every single piece of information carefully so that nothing is left behind.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies usually hire medical coders so they can help with the insurance claims of patients. They are typically employed to verify the authenticity of different insurance claims. If you join an insurance company, they may ask you to review the information that comes in and decide whether it is accurate and if all the payments are processed properly. Medical coders working in the insurance companies are called Heath Information Coders.

Insurance companies require candidates who either have an associate’s degree in health information technology or certification in medical coding. Their job description includes maintenance of records and then the coding of the documented information. Insurance coders might oversee doctor’s records, keeping the information updated. In some cases, you may not have to deal with patients directly at all. 

IT Companies

Information technology companies hire medical coders if they are developing new software to help health care professionals. The job description of medical coders in IT companies demands them to work with the production teams to find bugs and inaccuracies in the applications. This is a great job for medical coders, as they do not have to deal with patients or other insurance companies. All they need to do is check the accuracy of different software.

They might also have to teach software engineers the ins and outs of medical coding so they are able to come up with better software. Their input can be very useful to ensure that the software works perfectly!

Teaching Opportunities

If you work as medical coder for long enough and have extensive qualifications, you can move on to the teaching aspect of medical coding. Like you, several people aspiring to be medical coders may need teachers to learn the craft. There are different certifications that candidates must complete to become a medical coder. You, as a teacher, can give your students all the information they need to excel in their certifications. Join a certification program and teach your students all the things they need to know.

 However, this type of job is not perfect for someone who has just begun their career. It is best to have comprehensive experience before you start teaching someone else. A five-year experience can be good enough for candidates to think about teaching opportunities.

Law Firms

Law firms actively look for qualified and experienced medical coders to sort out fraud claims. Healthcare is subjected to many insurance frauds all year round, and law experts may not have the knowledge they need to sort out billing frauds. This could be because they might not understand the codes and require the help of medical coders to investigate the reports and look for discrepancies.

Medical coders in law firms are decision-makers to judge whether a discrepancy was a mistake or if it was indeed a fraud. It is a big responsibility, and it is best if more experienced and educated medical coders look at this job opportunity.


You may find medical coder job opportunities in a hospital. This is the best place for medical coders as they get to fill a lot of roles and try their hand at different job opportunities. For instance, they might have to research different codes and see whether they fit best. Moreover, they have to connect with patients directly, which means they will have to interpret the medical charts of different patients, record the information and then translate them into codes.

Medical coders have to document every single piece of information from the medical treatment of patients. They will have to be present during doctor appointments and record the diagnosis and other treatments they may receive.

There are several opportunities for medical coders to look into if they want to try their hand at different job opportunities. You need to make sure that you choose the right kind of job that fits your expectations. Complete your certification, and you can start actively looking for job opportunities. Medical coding opens lots of avenues, and you can look into different fields. That said, it is important to research all your options and see what’s magazine works best for you!

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