What are the best types of braces?

Updated on April 8, 2021

Braces can help you in positioning the teeth at their correct place. The teeth that are crowded, crooked, overbites and underbites can be treated righteously by placing proper braces. There are a wide- variety of braces available in the market from which you could easily choose from. 

The new treatments were introduced for improving the functioning of braces. Based on your personal needs, you could decide to choose the type of braces that you are willing to fix in your teeth. Research has found that the major questions asked on the web are based on what are the best braces for adults?

In this article, we will discuss the different types of braces from which you could choose from. 

The top variety of braces  

Metal Braces

The high-quality traditional braces consist of wires and stainless steel that are attached by an elastic band over the teeth. They apply consistent force to push the teeth to their correct position.

Because of their clear visibility, they seem to be in a less aesthetic form than other braces but are the best to choose if your orthodontic concern is sensitive.   

Invisalign braces

These braces are invisible and are made up of transparent plastic.It is fitted over the teeth and helps in straightening the position of teeth. These are much slower than the metal braces to push the teeth in their place. You can easily brush your teeth or also remove the Invisalign braces while eating your food.

Lingual Braces

These braces are very commonly used by adults. The lingual braces are also known as inside braces. They are placed behind the teeth and help in fitting the contouring inside every single tooth. 

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made up of ceramic and are quite invisible and clear. It can be a great alternative to metal braces for older teenagers and adults. 

Choosing colored ceramic brackets instead of a white wire or a metal good be a great option for most of the patients if they are willing to have good appearance with the braces. 

Things to consider before choosing the right braces for you 

  • Budget

You must consider the prices of the braces. They all differ from each other. Metal braces are much cheaper than ceramic braces and lingual braces are way more expensive than orthodontic treatments. 

Their prices are based on the technology based on the customization of brackets.

  • Aesthetic

It is quite common that people are concerned about how the braces look. They might also think that their entire look can be spoiled by wearing braces. In this regard, it is generally advised to choose either ceramic or lingual braces as they are invisible. 

  • Dental Hygiene

A responsible person should take essential dental care of their braces. While flossing and brushing, the braces require proper attention to prevent any kind of damages.


There are a variety of braces that are designed specifically for positioning that may also differ in terms of visibility, materials, quality, and price. You can choose from the types of braces based on your personal preference. 

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