What Are The Benefits Of Using Healthcare Data Services?

Updated on February 1, 2023
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We can no longer imagine life without the ubiquitous presence of digital technology. We simply cannot fathom a world without our various electronic devices. They assist us a lot in communication and ease ordinary activities. 

Technology is essential to the day-to-day operations of any IT department, commercial enterprise, or healthcare provider. While technology has had many positive effects, it has also introduced novel challenges. One of them is cybercrime.

The cybersecurity dangers that modern enterprises face today come not only from external actors but also from within their own ranks. HIPAA mandates that medical facilities take every precaution to safeguard their patients’ private information. The security concerns rise in proportion to the volume of patient data. 

Therefore, healthcare intuitions must subscribe to cybersecurity managed IT services and support to remove the threat before it becomes a huge problem. While there is no shortage of experts offering cybersecurity services, many of them aren’t equipped to deal with the unique challenges faced by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. You need to check out this link for more https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK9579/

IRIS Solutions’ experienced IT professionals are familiar with the special issues faced by the healthcare sector. With this, we are better able to develop and deploy high-quality cyber solutions for healthcare facilities.

Cybersecurity service companies primarily focus on keeping data private, secure, and accessible. They prevent malicious actors from gaining access to sensitive data and prevent loss of data due to human mistake, phishing, or ransomware assaults in the cloud. Patients’ privacy is protected and medical mistakes are avoided because to increased hospital cybersecurity.

So what are the advantages of using healthcare data services? 

Stolen information can be costly 

How One Healthcare System Bolstered Third-Party Security

This is arguably the most useful outcome of investing in cybersecurity services. Thefts of sensitive patient medical records are on the rise. Concurrently, government security standards are tightening up to better safeguard patients’ health records and other personal information. To prevent the unauthorized release of private health information, governments around the world have enacted legislation and established regulations to prevent its disclosure. 

Among these safety regulations is HIPPA. Complying with HIPAA can be a violent process that puts you in a lot of trouble. Consultants specializing in cybersecurity are well-versed in the rules governing HIPAA privacy and security. They are well-equipped to deal with your healthcare facility’s HIPAA compliance needs. Read more here

Saves money 

As was previously said, a violation of the HIPAA legislation can have devastating financial effects on healthcare providers and facilities because of the sensitive nature of patient data. In the event of a HIPPA violation, the potential fine is one hundred thousand dollars. 

Thanks to your MSP (managed service provider), you won’t have to worry about paying a hefty penalty. It’s more cost-effective to use a managed security service than to hire full-time employees to keep an eye on the network and protect the data. No travel allowance, no health insurance, and no other fundamental employee benefits; you simply need to pay monthly subscription payments to the managed service provider.

Improvements in patient safety 

The advent of EHRs has been a major factor in the healthcare sector’s rapid evolution in recent years. It’s merely an electronic version of the traditional medical ID card, and it contains detailed information about the patient’s medical history and current health status. 

There have been fewer mistakes made when treating patients as a result. But it’s useless unless it has strong cryptographic protections. As a result, subscribing to cyber-security IT support services is crucial for protecting electronic health records and avoiding medical mistakes.

Improved patient care 

In addition to ensuring safer treatment, hospitals benefit from hiring third-party providers for cybersecurity since it speeds up the delivery of care. Researchers found that 72 percent of healthcare employees had had to pause their job owing to network problems or lost data. 

If you need help with cyber security, you can contact professionals. As such, they will provide you with effective and quick cyber security measures to protect your hospital’s data from any cyber or malware assault. In addition, services for healthcare data also employ state-of-the-art encryption methods when storing your data in the cloud. For this reason, even if a hacker has access to the information, they will be unable to read or change anything.

Using medical equipment safely 

In recent years, “connected technology” has become something of a catchphrase in the medical field. In today’s hospitals, electronic health records (EHR) are integrated into every aspect of the facility’s infrastructure. 

Both the number of endpoints and the potential for security breaches rise. Hospitals should utilize managed cybersecurity services to ensure the security of their medical device usage. The inadequacy of current security protocols presents hackers with an opportunity to disrupt the proper functioning of medical devices. The patient’s life could be in danger because of this.

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