What are House Mites? How Do You Clean them?

Updated on September 16, 2020

House mites are small pests that breed in your mattress. They are one of the culprits in causing people to have allergies and asthma. Thus, it would be best to do something about this as early as possible. One wise thing to do would be to hire a mattress cleaning Singapore company to thoroughly clean your mattress so that all the mites there can disappear, Using the vacuum cleaner is another method as it is the best way to get rid of all the dust in the area.

You just need to make sure that you cover all the areas since it is impossible to spot the dust mites. They are so small that they will feast on your dead cell when you least expect it. Dust mites hate the heat so putting them in hot temperature can kill them. The same goes with putting them in a freezing temperature. When you suspect your pillow or blanket has a lot of house mites on it, better put it inside a plastic bag then store it inside a freezer for a few hours. When you let it out, don’t forget to shake it off a bit so you can get rid of all the mites that were there including all of their eggs so that you won’t catch an allergy the next time you use those things.

Remember that your cats and dogs can also suffer from house mite allergies. If they are the breed that shed a lot, better vacuum more often. Thus, you won’t have to encounter a lot of dirt. As much as possible, it would be wise to keep them out of the bedroom. It would be better to build them a small house where they will eat and sleep.

When you sneeze, cough, or show signs of an asthma attack, better go see a doctor immediately. You know you would want to do what the doctor says. The doctor can tell if the allergy was caused by house mites. One of the things he or she will tell you would be to lower the temperature at home.

Yes, that would mean to turn on the air con and electric fan. Dust mites like to thrive in temperatures that are between 21 and 27 degrees so you must look at the temperature of your home in order to make sure it never goes within that range. Another way to eliminate the dust mites would be to use a steam cleaner on the carpets, rugs, and sofas. You can bet those methods are going to thoroughly clean those things.

It guarantees to make them smell good other than killing the mites. Another thing to remember would be to avoid making your bed in the morning. This method would eliminate all the moisture brought about by the glass of water in your table and the air con drips. Remember that house mites love moisture since they can’t drink water so that is what they rely on when it comes to their fluids. 

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