Well-known ODM Company Transtek Corporation Just Unveiled Its New Massive Production Building in Zhongshan

Updated on January 15, 2022

Guandong Transtek Medical Electronics Co.,ltd was found in 2002 in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China. Transtek is an ODM/OEM supplier concentrating on research, manufacturing, development, promotion, and dispersal of high-quality medical devices, ECG watch, Smart weight scale, Body fat analyzer,RPM Blood pressure monitor and Wearable device . Over 25,000 square meters of industry, Transtek has more than 2000 workers. Their yearly output to the market has reached 6,000,000 items. Transtek has an outstanding research and development team which contains more than 80 highly skilled and qualified engineers and that makes them excel in mechanic, software, and electronics. They have achieved more than 100 copyrights of innovation from abroad and local.

In today’s market, request for smart and more innovative solutions is increasing exponentially. Transtek has been incorporating resources and generating a “Concept-to-Volume” platform. It’s a policy planned to deliver high-quality design, manufacturing services, and solution to top-best brands global for healthcare and medical technology items.

R&D Ability

 Transtek contains 4 research labs with high-quality equipments and more than 400 skilled research workers, Transtek invested a lot in R&D and practices advanced technology and product development to further improve their competitiveness.

Manufacturing Ability

Transtek is a top graded JDM/OEM/ODM producer and known for its design and high quality that is why Transtek titled as China’s second-best Wearables and World best Weighting Scale Producer in 2019.

Service Ability

 Transtek has been incorporated assets and created a “Concept-to-Volume” platform. This was intended to offer the best quality solution, design, and manufacturing facility to customers.

Investor Relations

 Transtek is a listed corporation that has a market value of 700 million dollars, its stock (code: 300562.sz) has been enumerated on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016 also done very well so far.

Transtek reaction to COVID 19, a surge in orders

During the bad situation of the Covid19 in China in the beginning of 2020, Transtek has done its social duty energetically by contributing 1500 pieces of medical-grade high-quality digital blood pressure monitors and identical RPM system to the clinics and hospitals, thus-to support the combat against Covid19. These medical items were allocated to Zhongshan Second People’s Hospital and Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital.

Transtek medical management system, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and smart blood pressure monitor can efficiently decrease cross-infection triggered by medical equipment, decrease the amount of work for doctors, and increase medical staff work productivity.


Furthermore, Transtek has collaborated with WeDoctor, the company which has hundreds of thousands of highly skilled doctors all over China to deliver a free virtual consultation facility 24x7h. The free session not only delivers online consultation facilities for infection and other long-lasting diseases but also offers medical/respirational consultation facilities in common sections such as infectious medicine, internal medicine, and other hospitals.

Transtek will continue to pay devotion to the improvement of the Covid19 situation and deliver more provision for scrap the spread of Covid19. 

New production building completed:

Transtek positioned itself as the device and service provider for remote patient monitoring (RPM) industry. The company continues to develop advanced technology, cultivate talent as well as provide better working environment to their enployees. Recently, their new production building just completed, which includes new automated production line, R&D labs and so on. It will increase production capacity and meets more customer needs. Besides, with the help of Internet of things (IoT) vertical industry clients, , Transtek moves smoothly on its RPM products and services, the remote patient monitoring devices are including  the cellular body weight scale ,fitness sport tracker and wifi blood pressure monitor for the weight management, diabetes management, hypertension management and so on.

In future, Transtek will make good use of its accumulated experience in medical device development and manufacture to take deeper participation in RPM industry, thus helping more customers in need.

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