Ways to control your blood pressure during COVID as suggested by Marcus Debaise

Updated on November 13, 2020

High blood pressure is quite prevalent among individuals recently. It can lead to other related health problems that can be very serious for you. Hence taking care of your blood pressure is very important if you want to keep the other diseases at bay. It would be best if you did follow some simple steps, as suggested by Marcus DebaiseLifestyle is a significant factor in determining your blood pressure. It is related to many factors like diet, physical activity, rest, lifestyle habits and many more. 

Steps to follow to keep your blood pressure normal

  • Try to lose weight: Losing extra pounds can help you to manage your blood pressure. Bodyweight is directly related to the blood pressure level. You will have to get your exercise daily so that you release toxins from your body. A sudden increase in body weight can lead to the shooting up of the blood pressure level. It is evident that with each kilogram of value, you lose 1 millimeter of mercury. Marcus Debaisehence stresses on the importance of losing weight for managing your blood pressure. 
  • Regular exercise: Regular physical activity is a must if you want to keep  home fitness during the lockdown. With movement nearly restricted, you must get your daily routine continued. It will help to keep the internal functions regular. You can get the help of your family members for staying fit. Try to arrange for exercise sessions with them. It will help you to kill your boredom during the workout. Also, it will take care of your blood pressure level; it can help you to avoid the development of hypertension. A person with hypertension can opt for regular exercise to bring the blood pressure level down. You can swim, jog, dance and also opt for a high-intensity activity to manage high blood pressure. It is instrumental in managing your overall health. 
  • Healthy diet: Though you are locked down in your homes and have faced the problem of fatigue, you must take a healthy diet. A healthy diet can help you to build your immunity, and your overall health will also improve. Marcus Debaisesays that a healthy diet is a secret to healthy living. What you eat reflects on your health. Try to keep away from junk food and eat what is healthy. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also cut down on your fat intake. Again try to maintain a balanced diet instead of starving yourself.  
  • Limit the alcohol consumption: You will have to cut down on your alcohol consumption so that you reduce the risk associated with it. Drinking more than a moderate amount can be detrimental to your health. It may increase the risk of high blood pressure. You will thus have to cut down on your alcohol consumption considerably. It will help you to maintain good health and stay fit.

Hence you must keep in mind the points discussed above for a healthy lifestyle. It will help you to manage your blood pressure level. Medical guidelines back these suggestions. 

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