Want to become a Pilates trainer? See what considerations you need to make

Updated on June 26, 2019

Call it a trend or an evergreen method! Pilates enjoys unique popularity with people for its ability to provide long-lasting fitness results. That can be one reason why even you are considering a career in this line. Becoming an instructor in this field is not as easy as it requires time, money, and dedication. However, here is a quick guide on what you can do to attain your goal.

Join training classes

You need to absorb yourself in the exercises to understand your body and to see how other instructors do. Be regular and thorough with your training so that you can learn from different teachers and their styles. It will help you identify which model suits you the best. Whatever questions you have on your mind, ask them, and keep looking for the certificate and diploma courses.

Delve deep in your mind

Getting motivated by seeing others and having an actual inner drive to pursue it as a career choice are two different things. Meanwhile, you train and keep asking yourself a few questions to find out if you are interested in teaching, whether you want to learn about body functions, anatomy, and exercise science, etc. The more you explore these questions, the more you will learn about your answers. At the same time, you also need to remember one thing that a teacher has to interact with many people simultaneously; he or she has to be a good speaker. So, will you feel comfortable doing it?

Choose your certification course

If you are planning to make your living out of it, then you have to consider doing a comprehensive curriculum in this field so that you can work full-time or as a private trainer. With full certification training, you will be able to use different types of Pilates equipment, such as mat, chair, reformer, etc. However, if you do a mat course, then you will specialize only in that. People with mat certification are common to find in mat gyms.

Get your certificate

The length of the period for each course may vary. If mat certification takes about a handful of months, a complete certification can extend beyond one year to complete. However, for convenience, you can pick courses that allow flexible schedules so that you can carry on with your routine. In the end, you may have to appear for a written and practical test to qualify as a professional teacher. read about Benefits of Pilates Classes

If you are serious about your decision and want to make your career in this field, then don’t waste too much time thinking. Practice Pilates more, and look for trustworthy courses, such as Tensegrity Pilates Courses, that can help you fulfil your ultimate objective. Whether you join here or somewhere else, make sure that it has the approval of PAA (Pilates Alliance Australia), a Pilates regulatory body. Don’t go for uncertified courses because these may not help in employment. To learn about your options, you can search online or talk to your teachers, family, and friends. They can give you secure references.

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