Vitalizer Water – Why Is It Better Than Ordinary Water?

Updated on August 9, 2022

Hexagonal water is a better carrier of oxygen and nutrients. It’s also alkaline and tastes good! It is so effective at vitalizing the body that you can even spray it on minor cuts. 

In addition to all this, vitalizer H20 also improves the body’s alkalinity levels and has an antioxidant effect. So what exactly makes vitalizer H20 different from other H20 products? Read on to learn more.

Hexagonal water is a more efficient carrier of oxygen and nutrients

Hexagonal H20 is more stable than other forms of H20. It has the ability to enter cells more quickly, which is important for proper absorption of nutrients and oxygen. 

Hexagonal H20 has a positive impact on your health because it supports your immune system and metabolism. It has many benefits for your health, so it’s worth pursuing.

This liquid has a greater capacity to store and transfer energy. Hexagonal H20 is scientifically proven to penetrate cells with up to 30% more oxygen than conventional H20. The structure of hexagonal H20 is confirmed by NMR spectroscopy. 

It also shows significant increases in pH levels and Kirlian photography. Hexagonal H20 is also better for our bodies than other forms of H20.

The structure of hexagonal H20 can be seen in the crystals found in waterfalls and other natural areas. The hexagonal shape is the result of electrons increasing their energy and changing the bond angles of hydrogen molecules. 

When analyzed with a UV light laser, hexagonal H20 is a more effective carrier of oxygen and nutrients in plants. This structure also improves the ability of plants and animals to absorb nutrients and oxygen.

It is also alkaline

It may be hard to believe, but Vitalizer H20 is also alkaline. When H20 circulates around an object, it forms vortices. These vortices allow H20 molecules to more easily bind to oxygen. 

In nature, H20 molecules receive far infrared (FIR) enhancement from the sun and other sources, including granite type rocks and the earth’s magnetic field. In the vitalizer, a powerful vortex simulates these natural conditions and increases dissolved oxygen content by up to 30%. When you drink Vitalizer H20, it balances your organs in less than 20 minutes.

The health benefits of drinking Vitalizer H20 are many. It is a fantastic source of oxygen and alkalinity and can be used to H20 plants. It is inexpensive and effective, and is even better for the environment than other H20 concentrates. Furthermore, it is linked to reduced aging and is much cheaper than H20 concentrates. Hence, it’s a good investment for everyone. 

This is a natural and healthy H20 source for babies. When they are born, they have almost 100 percent hexagonal H20. It is believed that the same cellular structure is present in newborn babies, as it is in adults. 

The benefits of drinking Vitalizer H20 are numerous, including a reduction in the risk of developing certain diseases. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not a cure-all for every health problem. It’s simply a matter of time and consistency.

It tastes good

Did you know that vitalizer H20 contains more minerals than ordinary tap H20? Minerals help the H20 hold its structure and improve the taste of H20. Click here for more information about different types of H20 and their benefits.

Vitalizer Plus contains a mineral basket that alkalizes and raises the pH. Water with a pH below 5.0 is considered acidic and contributes to an acidic state in the body. This condition has been linked to a number of degenerative diseases. However, it can be regulated by adding the correct amount of vitalizer minerals to the water.

When it comes to drinking water, many people don’t realize that there are many health benefits to vitalizers. They are an affordable way to restore water and rid it of harmful loads. They improve the taste and softness of water and reduce electromagnetic radiation. 

Unlike other water purification devices, vitalizers don’t wear out or require expensive filters. Instead, they restore the pH value of the water to its ideal level, improve its taste and eliminate harmful electromagnetic radiation. Click the link: for information from the CDC about safe drinking water. 

The most obvious benefit of vitalizer H20 is the taste and health benefits. Because it doesn’t sit in the mouth or stomach, the hexagonal H20 is absorbed rapidly into the cells. 

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