Vegetables That Men Must Avoid For IDB

Updated on August 6, 2022

Inflammatory bowel disease or IBD is one of the biggest regrets of men as far as health issues are concerned. It is not a single disease but a disorder that describes several diseases involving the inflammation of the gut or the digestive tract. IBD includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis making it a single representative when someone needs to tell that he is suffering from inflammation in the gut. 

One needs to understand that IBD is a chronic disorder, it does not happen overnight. You do not need to get afflicted with inflammation for a day and declare that you are suffering from IBD. Instead, continuous instances of such inflammation, for weeks or months finally make you an IBD patient. There is a reason that people do not come to know about IBD in the initial cases, it is due to the symptoms that are very mild and ordinary. For example, one symptom is stomach pain, we all know how common is stomach pain in today’s times. The kind of food we are eating is making not just stomach pain but several other gut issues very common. 

IBD not only simply affects digestion and its related process like secretion of enzymes, and bowels but other aspects of life like intimate relationships also experience a downfall. Besides taking medicines men must also keep a check on what they eat to control IBD symptoms. Hence, we provide a list of vegetables that men must not take. 


Potatoes are one of the most widely consumed vegetables that are without any doubt. You may be living in Australia, the United States or India, potato is surely consumed in some form. You may get fries, curry, burgers, and chips, all of these contain potatoes. But while suffering from IBD potatoes must not be included in your diet. We know, that it is difficult to give up the consumption of potatoes immediately because we have been habituated to it. So, start with reducing its consumption slowly otherwise you may suffer from deficiency and weakness. 

And mashed potatoes especially must be excluded from your diet instantly, no relief about that. Some people have the habit of eating unpeeled potatoes, stop it as peels of potatoes may aggravate the already inflamed gut. Eat a simple dish of potato with minimal spices if you want. 

Green beans

Another vegetable that must be on your quit list after being diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel syndrome or IBD is green beans. They are very healthy if compared in terms of nutritional value. But still, you need to give it a rest when the doctor says you are suffering from IBD. The green beans are mostly consumed raw or boiled with minimum spices. They are rich sources of proteins and multivitamins. Hence, otherwise in usual situations, it is the best vegetable for any health-loving person. Green beans are in the diet of sportspersons, and those going for a high protein diet are prohibited for IBD patients. The main reason for its exclusion from the diet is the high protein content which is good for normal men but not for IBD patients. 


Another healthy veggie that may shock many men when they would read that it is on the list of vegetables men must not consume is carrots. Carrots are again some of the most consumed veggies you could find. Pro-health people go for carrot juice instead of directly chewing it. Carrot has essential nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin K, minerals like potassium, phosphorus and a lot of fibre. It is a zero-calorie and cholesterol product so, people aiming for weight have carrots as their best option. 

A lot of fibre means it is good for the smooth bowels as it will help in better movement of the stool during excretion. So, then why do IBD patients must not eat it? This is because the high fibrous foods are more irritating and more likely to inflame the surface of the gut. 


Papaya is another highly fibrous vegetable so, please avoid it at any cost while being an IBD patient. Fibre, be it of any category, insoluble or soluble must be avoided. Fibre remains undigested in the gut; hence it mixes with the broken food. While doing it, it may initiate inflammation as it is not itself broken, hence it is still hard and rough for the surface of the gut. But what if you are suffering from constipation at the same time? Then go for laxatives and medicines, they ease the stool within minutes and that too without messing with inflammation. Such men do not require any external support from drugs for basic biological functions. 

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