Vaping vs. Smoking: 7 Reasons Vaping is Better

Updated on November 12, 2019

Technology has empowered humans to think of alternative solutions to every problem. So it is true with smoking as well.

While smoking is known to be a major cause of lung and oral cancer, innovation-driven entrepreneurs have devised a cure to this problem as well.

Vaping, which is relatively in its infancy has proven to be far less harmful than smoking a cigarette. Since vaping is inhaling vapors or fumes of concentrates, it offers a much more refined experience to the smokers.

Here are seven reasons that you should quit smoking and start vaping.

Socially Acceptable

Vaping instruments are discreet in their form and factor. Portable vaporizers such as Yocan Vaporizer the concentrates as and when needed, without any need for fire or burning. Usually, the portable ones are made to look like a pen that fits into your pocket. Thus, offering you the ease to vape anywhere and anytime. And that too without receiving any frowned eyes on you. This is because vaping unlike smoking, is also used for administering medicines that contain CBD for various mental and physical disorders.

It’s Cheaper in Long-run

When it comes to the cost of smoking, an average pack of cigarettes can be bought for $5 – $11, which lasts for about a day or two. Whereas buying vaping equipment may cost you more initially, but buying the concentrates costs you around $2-$3 on an average. And a 10 mL cartridge of essential oil can last for over a week. Considering these costs, in the long run, you can save a lot more when you choose to vape and not smoke.

Vaping is Smoke-free

Since there is no substance being burnt in vaping, no smoke is produced. Vaping instruments include heating elements that evaporate the concentrates to produce dense clouds of vapors. The user, i.e. you, can inhale these vapors through a mouthpiece. Additionally, since there is no burning, there is no ash being produced. So, you don’t even have to worry about littering your place with ash when you’re vaping.

Less Risk of Acquiring Cancer

Being smoke-free and tar-free, you are less likely to suffer from any sort of toxins being accumulated in your lungs. Moreover, vaping concentrates are pure extracts of herbs, dissolved in volatile solvents and flavors. There are no carcinogens included in the concentrates, so you can also rest assured that you won’t acquire cancer.

It Smells Sweet not Tobacco

The sweet flavors of fruits and berries are some of the characteristic features of vaping. When you smoke a cigarette, the bad odor of burnt ash and tobacco can annoy you and the people around you for hours. Thankfully, vaping does not produce any such bad odor. So you can enjoy your vaping sessions for as long as you want, without having to worry about the smell that follows later.

Choice of Flavors to Vape

The market is flooded with a wide range of flavors. From the ones that resemble the flavor of your favorite cigarette to fruity flavors and many more. Though cigarettes are also available in varying flavors the difference lies in the interference of these flavors with other elements. In cigarettes, these flavors are altered by the smoky flavors, whereas vaping promises pure flavors and nothing else.

It Helps Get off The Nicotine

Last but not least, vaping can help you get off nicotine. A study conducted at Winchester University established the fact that individuals who vaped had less trouble quitting vaping as compared to the ones who smoked cigarettes. Since vaping allows you to savor other flavors as well, you can easily switch from nicotine-rich to nicotine-free flavors in a matter of weeks. Thus, allowing you to completely get off the addiction, and stay healthier for longer without any intoxicants.

These reasons are meant to convince you that vaping is better than smoking. But since vaping is also a relatively new phenomenon, more hard evidence is needed to confirm the health benefits of vaping. Nevertheless, these reasons are satisfactorily sufficient to convince any chain-smoker to quit their smoking habits and switch to vaping.

Having said that, it is still advised that you do it responsibly. Whether you vape for recreational purposes or under medical prescription, there are many options available to choose from. You need to ensure that the equipment you buy is suitable for your needs. What you need to look for is a versatile piece of vaping equipment that can offer you custom settings to enjoy your vaping sessions the way you want to. 

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