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Updated on July 6, 2022

There is a good chance that you have seen COVID-19 fast antigen testing kits for sale at pharmacies, grocery shops, or even on the internet. Or maybe you got your free kits from a federal government, which itself is presently in the process of sending one billion testing kits to families all around the country.

Rapid antigen testing can provide findings in as little as 15 to 30 minutes and are extremely handy. In addition to vaccination, using protective masks (Use Masks to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 (cdc.gov)), thoroughly washing one’s hands, and socially isolating oneself, self-testing is an essential component of the fight against the propagation of coronavirus.

It is essential to carry out the test correctly in order to obtain the most precise result possible.

It is important to follow the instructions provided by the maker of the test you are using since, while many tests operate in a comparable manner, there are some changes.

A detailed walkthrough of how to do a COVID-19 fast antigen test in the comfort of your own home:

  • You should give your hands a thorough washing with soap and warm water for at least thirty seconds. Click here to read more about proper handwashing techniques. 
  • The package includes two different types of tests. There are three primary components included in each kit: a collecting swab, a test strip, and a little vial of liquid. Arrange them in a neat and orderly fashion on the surface.
  • After opening the collecting swab, place one end into each nostril and rotate it five times only against the inner wall of the nasal cavity. You should put the swab approximately one-half to three-quarters of an inch within each nostril. After that, place the cotton swab inside of  its original packing; you will use it once again.
  • Three to four times on a solid surface, you should tap on the bottom of a vial containing the liquid.
  • After removing the big cap from the vial, place your cotton swab inside, and then give it 15 good stirs.
  • As you remove the swab from the vial, apply pressure on it by squeezing the edges of the bottle. The next step is to replace the cap on the vial.
  • Remove the cap from the test strip.
  • After removing the tiny cap from the top of the vial containing the liquid, squeeze 3 drops of the sample into the region of the strip designated for collecting it.
  • Prepare a timer for a period of 15 minutes. During this period, the test strip should not be touched in any way.
  • Please read the exam.

How to make sense of the findings of your do-it-yourself test kit

After the first 15 minutes, you will search for the following two things:

A line that runs underneath the letter “C,” which represents the control. It demonstrates to you that your test is functioning properly. It is considered to be negative for COVID-19 if the portion under the letter “T,” known as the test section, does not include any line at all. If there is a line underneath the “T,” this indicates that the test result for COVID is positive. How reliable are the tests that you may do at home?

The sensitivity of the at-home antigen testing is not comparable to that of the PCR tests.

So if you and your kid are exhibiting signs of COVID or were exposed to the virus, it is in everyone’s best interest to take the necessary measures and retest within a few days.

In the event that you have been in contact with COVID-19:

No quarantine

Unless you acquire symptoms, there is no need for you to remain at home.

Get tested

Get tested at least five days after the last time you had direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, even if you don’t develop any symptoms of the infection.

Keep an eye out for signs

Keep an eye out for symptoms unless 10 days have passed since the last time you had direct contact with someone who has COVID-19.

In the event that you acquire symptoms

  • Isolate yourself right away and get checked out. You should remain in your house until you find out the findings. Put on a mask that fits you nicely while you are with other people.
  • Before day 10, you should use care.
  • Put on a face mask that fits you well.
  • Put on a mask that fits you well for the next ten full days whenever you are going to be around other people, whether they are in your house or elsewhere. You should avoid going to locations where you probably wouldn’t be able to wear a face mask that fits you well.

It is imperative that one practices caution while they are away from home

Keep your distance from those who have a greater chance of acquiring serious symptoms as a direct result of COVID-19 exposure.

What Exactly Is Telehealth Care?

Have you recently been finding out a lot about telehealth? It is possible to receive the necessary medical attention from the privacy and security of your very own home by communicating with your physician over an online platform.

The Workings of It

Testing for COVID has swiftly integrated itself into our day-to-day operations. Proof of a clean COVID check is now necessary for many people in order to travel overseas, attend a sporting broadcast, or maybe just go to work. This is the case for many people. CoviLab COVID testing is eager to be of service to you. Our approach of quick COVID testing that can be done at home is by far the simplest and most cost-effective manner to demonstrate that you do not have COVID. The operation is as follows…

Make Sure You Have an Appointment

When you need them, our courteous healthcare specialists are here online and ready to assist you. Just pick a time that’s convenient for you to meet. We are open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Delivery of the Optional Test

In the event that you do not currently possess an approved antigen test, you are able to place orders through the online store in order to have quick COVID testing shipped directly to your home.

Digital Certification

Our staff will offer you with the appropriate electronic certification to demonstrate that you do not have COVID, which will enable you to travel, attend an event, or go to work without risk.

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