Useful Devices for Your Family Practice

Updated on March 21, 2022

A good family practice is a wonderful thing. It is a healing and safety place for many in a community and a good way for you to practice medicine without getting caught up in politics or drama. Just the clinic, the patients, and the medical staff. This article suggests a few devices that might be just what your practice needs to operate at its best.

1. Check-In Devices

One of the most useful devices in terms of administration is a good self-sign in service, allowing patients to sign themselves in upon arrival at the clinic. 

Self-service helps to save time for receptionists, doctors, and patients alike and allows receptionists to continue with other important tasks such as arranging other appointments and coordinating with doctors and hospitals. Such devices are usually easy to implement and come with their own software to make the sign-in process that much easier.

2. VT1 Vision Screener

The VT1 is an incredibly versatile device sold at It is remarkably beneficial to a variety of fields, from optometrists to preventative health professionals, and could make a useful addition to your family practice. The VT1 is a swift, highly customizable, and comprehensive tool that will allow you to scan for major visual problems in less than 5 minutes and scan for a variety of problems, including Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Vertical and Horizontal Phoria, and many other issues. This rapid and specific testing will allow you to detect and create a treatment plan for any of your patients, from young children to the elderly. There is an easier way to take care of your elderly nowadays, and that is to use a caregiver app.

3. Entertainment Devices

This is a less standard suggestion for certain; however, the story of Powers Family Medicine in establishing a successful family clinic with Video Games and Therapy Cats is a telling tale. It is clear from their story and a number of others that people tend to value things more if they are a part of an experience. 

Visiting the Powers’ clinic is, without a doubt, an experience. From the hypoallergenic cats that roam across the clinic to the prevalence of both retro arcade machines and more contemporary video game systems, it is clear that the Powers clinic is not exactly what you would normally expect of family practice. However, their clear and overwhelming success might be evidence that this is not such a bad thing.

Though the sterile, controlled aesthetics of most family practices are likely calming and reassuring to many, if there is one thing that those in the medical profession should know, it’s that people come in a variety of forms and that something which works for one patient isn’t guaranteed to work for another. This means that variety and liveliness in your family practice could actually be the thing that brings you greater success and satisfaction from your patients. 

You don’t have to do exactly the same thing as the Powers’ but bringing a genuine and human element to medicine is a brilliant way to humanize your clinic and help your patients to relax in their surroundings.

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