UPMC for Life Announces New Benefits for Medicare Plans for 2023

Updated on October 8, 2022
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UPMC Health Plan today announced its 2023 UPMC for Life Medicare Advantage (MA) offerings and highlighted several new resources to meet seniors’ needs while keeping health care affordable—like flexible spending cards for over-the-counter (OTC) necessities and dental, vision and hearing services.

Medicare’s annual open enrollment begins Oct. 15 and ends Dec. 7. During this time, Medicare beneficiaries can make changes to their 2023 coverage. MA plans offer benefits that are not offered with traditional Medicare.

“UPMC for Life has added new, healthy outcomes-focused resources to our already excellent benefits package, including a new hearing aid benefit,” said UPMC Health Plan Chief Medicare Officer Angela Perri. “And our plans are backed by affordable access available to UPMC’s network of high-quality providers, innovations, and treatments.”

For western Pennsylvania, there are three new PPO plan options in 2023. Many plans will also include the new UPMC for Life Flex Spend Card. With this resource, members can spend up to $1,000 of additional allowance dollars on OTC products, as well as dental, vision, and hearing services. Members can use the Flex Spend Card at any time during the plan benefit year.

Also new in 2023 are discounts on hearing aids through Amplifon, a new UPMC for Life provider. This benefit is expected to save members an average of $6,734 on hearing aids., depending upon device selection. Members can also take advantage of free hearing exams and free hearing aid fittings covered through UPMC for Life MA plans.

All these coverage options also prioritize affordable access to high-quality health care. For those who are cost conscious, in good health and want broad access to doctors and hospitals, both the PPO Premier Rx (PPO) and the PPO Rx Choice (PPO) plans have affordable premiums and low out-of-network costs with access to out-of-network care. PPO Premier Rx offers a $0 monthly premium, as well as low copays for the services members use the most. PPO Rx Choice offers a $23 monthly plan premium with in- and out-of-network coverage for medical services. UPMC for Life‘s HMO No Rx (HMO) plan has a $0 monthly premium and a new $25 monthly Medicare Part B premium reduction and is a good fit for people who already have PACE/PACENET.

For veterans and other retired military, UPMC for Life is proud to offer our new PPO Salute (PPO) plan. Designed specifically for retired military veterans who have TRICARE For Life (TFL) and over 20 years of military service, this plan closely mirrors Original Medicare and therefore does not include Part D prescription drug coverage. Members, however, receive $60 back per month to help cover their Medicare Part B premium.

In 2023, “dually eligible” Medicare-Medicaid individuals who choose UPMC for Life‘s Complete Care Special Needs Plan (HMO SNP) will pay nothing for covered Part D prescriptions filled at participating pharmacies. All UPMC for Life Complete Care members, who often have lower incomes, live in communities impacted by health disparities, and have multiple medically complex, chronic conditions, will receive a UPMC for Life Complete Care Shop Healthy Card. Using the card, members can spend $1,600 in 2023 ($400 per quarter) on OTC products and healthy foods.

“With this benefit, those who need extra help will be able to take their prescriptions as needed without worry. And it will be easier for them to follow their doctor’s treatment plans and be at their best health possible,” said Chronis Manolis, SVP and Chief Pharmacy Officer for UPMC Health Plan.

“As a community-based Medicare plan, UPMC for Life‘s SNP plan is 100 percent focused on keeping our members healthy,” Perri said. “Our Flex Spend Card, Shop Healthy Card, and new hearing aid discounts reflect the real-world needs of our members—needs that we are uniquely equipped to identify and meet because of our strong community-based mission and affiliation with a world-class health system.”

Medicare beneficiaries interested in UPMC for Life can enroll by phone or online from the comfort and safety of their homes. For members who want personal help understanding their plan benefits, the award-winning Health Care Concierge team is on hand to answer questions and provide exceptional customer service. Call UPMC for Life toll-free at 1-877-381-3765 (TTY:711) seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. or go online to upmchealthplan.com/Medicare. Alternately, Medicare beneficiaries can get information at a local community meeting, in-person at a UPMC Health Plan Connect Center, or at the time and place of their choosing from a licensed, authorized UPMC for Life representative.###

About UPMC Insurance Services

The UPMC Insurance Services Division serves 4 million members and is owned and operated by UPMC, a world-renowned health care provider and insurer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The UPMC Insurance Services Division provides commercial products through UPMC Health Plan for both groups and individuals. Its commercial products also include workers’ compensation and employee assistance from nationally known Workpartners®. Government products include Medicare Advantage plans (UPMC for Life); Special Needs Plans for those who are eligible for Medicare and Medical Assistance (UPMC for Life Complete Care and UPMC Community HealthChoices); a Medical Assistance plan (UPMC for You); and Children’s Health Insurance Program plans (UPMC for Kids). Community Care Behavioral Health Organization—one of the nation’s largest nonprofit managed care behavioral health organizations—is also part of the Insurance Services Division. Community Care offers a full range of services to commercial and Medical Assistance members. For more information, visit upmchealthplan.com.

UPMC for Life has a contract with Medicare to provide HMO, HMO SNP, and PPO plans. The HMO SNP plans have a contract with the PA State Medical Assistance program. Enrollment in UPMC for Life depends on contract renewal. UPMC for Life is a product of and operated by UPMC Health Plan Inc., UPMC Health Network Inc., UPMC Health Benefits Inc., and UPMC Health Coverage Inc.

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