Typical Mistakes in Writing Healthcare Essays

Updated on February 4, 2020

Essay writing is an inherent part of any school, college, or university curricula. But students perceive it as another challenge because not all of them are good at writing. Those students who want to practice medicine will surely write healthcare essays more than once during their term. Healthcare essay writing has a lot of benefits for students. It enhances knowledge in the discipline and shows the professor how students perceive the information. 

It implies that students should analyze some health problems, reflect on some diseases and methods of their treatment, etc. So, considering it unnecessary for future healthcare specialists is wrong. If this paper is beyond your capacity, ask for academic assistance from online paper writing service. For example, professional essay writers from AdvancedWriters can create an authentic healthcare paper in a matter of hours. 

What Are the Common Difficulties in Healthcare Essay Writing?

People have been learning the rule of essay writing since primary school but still have hardships with it. In some cases, it’s connected with the lack of motivation to do it; in other cases, people have no imagination, vocabulary, and skills to describe and think of any problem. Every student who wants to succeed in healthcare can acquire these skills; it isn’t so hard. And the analysis of widespread mistakes should help the students to avoid them in the future. 

  • Inappropriate style of writing. Students often forget that essay is still an academic paper that should be written in an unemotional tone. The aim of this writing is to make the reader understand the information. But at the same time, a formal and concise style doesn’t mean that the writer should use complicated vocabulary, long and complex sentences. While writing the essay, the student should keep an eye on the readability and comprehensibility of the information.
  • Uncertainty and ambiguity. Professors often require students to check the final version of the text on special services. If the text is watery, it means that there’s a lot of excess information and irrelevant words. Some students do it unintentionally in an attempt to describe the problem fully. Others write a lot of excess information to collect the required number of words. Careful proofreading helps to avoid this problem, but students often neglect it. 
  • The content doesn’t cover the theme. It arises from the previous problem. The title of each essay is a kind of question that needs to be answered. If the text contains a lot of information, but it has no logical inference, the essay couldn’t be well-graded. Healthcare isn’t an easy discipline, and writing a good essay presupposes student’s understanding of the topic. Trying to describe the problem which you don’t understand and find a way to solve it is doomed to failure. 
  • The presence of unsubstantiated generalizations. It would be best if you didn’t pluck out of the air. Remember that the healthcare essay is the same academic paper as research, thesis, and coursework. All statements you make should be justified by reliable scientific research or reports of famous healthcare specialists. If you want to help people, don’t be misleading. It contradicts the medical ethics. 
  • The excessive summarizing of information. In the pursuit of being more concise and clear, students tend to shorten the sentences and omit important details. That’s why a person should think of what he or she will write in advance. If you have no experience in essay writing, you won’t create it from scratch in 2-3 hours. This paper requires some research and preparation to be top-notch.
  • The absence of a clear structure. You shouldn’t write the paper as a whole text. According to the essay writing rules, students should stick to a 5-paragraph structure: lead paragraph, 3 main body paragraphs, and conclusion. The lead paragraph is important because it aims at catching the reader’s attention. When an inexperienced writer doesn’t have a plan, he gets out of the topic, it’s inevitable. The subheadings aren’t necessary if the work is short. Also, professionals advise students to use the lists when necessary.
  • The lack of critical evaluation. Healthcare essay supposes that you will use the research of other scientists in the relevant topics. Some of them may seem doubtful for you, so your task is to discuss them and evaluate them from a critical point of view. It helps to broaden your horizons.
  • Unsuccessful topic. College and university professors usually give students a wide range of topics. It’s better to choose a familiar topic to create an excellent paper. The narrower your topic, the easier it is to write the essay. You should demonstrate that you’re proficient in the chosen theme. Of course, you may explore and learn even unfamiliar topics, but it will take time and lead to numerous mistakes. 

Healthcare essay writing isn’t such a challenging task as it may seem. To make mistakes is normal, especially for students. But they should learn from their own mistakes. It isn’t worth forgetting about the possibility to consult an expert. Due to a variety of solutions, everyone can cope with this task.

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