Trying Something Different

Updated on July 7, 2021

When it comes to the beauty industry’s heavy hitters, we know who they are; Botox, lip fillers, laser hair removal and so on. But as the beauty industry expands, so does its scope and all the different types of treatments that are available for customers across the globe. And one of the best in business is Juvedem, the dermal filler that specializes in smoothing out skin, making it look years younger and way more lively.

And thanks to all the advantages that comes with Juvederm NYC has been riling up with more and more clients choosing the Juvederm dermal filler as their primary way of fighting off wrinkles and other skin damage.

The Magic

As the name implies, the Juvederm dermal filler fills up various areas of the face, which may have become saggy over the years. Saggy skin is completely natural, and you can blame the Earth’s gravity and our short expiration dates for that. But if you don’t want to play the blame game, well, there’s always a solution to your problems.

Now some people don’t really need a solution to this. They find wrinkles and saggy skin to have their own grace and beauty, which is very much true. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skins, saggy or not, and confidence is exactly what the beauty industry strives to give to its clients. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with this innate sense of confidence about how they look, and wrinkles can take a lot out of their self image. Well, that’s where dermal fillers come in; to help those who need that little boost in confidence.

You see, the face, when still young and tight, has a distinct V shape to it, with the two ends starting from the cheekbones and ending at the chin. The skin is tight enough to form a very pronounced V shape, thanks to the skin on the jawline being tightly lines with the bone structure. 

But as time goes on and the skin on the face becomes weaker, it starts to droop over the jawline and the face loses that distinct V shape. This is basically how over the years, the face loses what is called volume. However, when Juvederm is injected, it pulls up the loose skin, tightens it and restores that volume that had been lost.

Dermal Filler Usage

Hence the name “dermal filler”. Now, there are many different kinds of dermal fillers being used today, each of which specialize in their own areas and fields. Some are used to add greater volume, others to smooth out wrinkles more efficiently, and Juvederm has many different variants which treat different areas of the face in different ways.

While it works wonders at getting rid of wrinkles and tightening the skin, adding more volume to the face, it also does an even greater job at lip augmentations. 

Speaking of different variants, the Juvederm Ultra XC, for example, makes lips fuller and more plump, whereas Juvederm Voluma XC is more dedicated to adding volume and raising the cheekbones, going back to that V shape we talked about earlier.

So, as you can see, each one is slightly different, but ultimately, the Juvederm filler, regardless of which variant, is used with one goal in mind: to restore volume and smooth out the wrinkles.

Making the Right Choice

The good news about the modern beauty industry is that you have a lot of options. The bad news is that you have a lot of options and sometimes choosing one is pretty hard. So, before you sign up for any appointment, make any calls or start calculating the prices, you need to understand what you want and what you need.

Just take a little time to look into the mirror and see if anything is bothering you. Maybe nothing was bothering you at all and it was a false alarm and you’ve come to appreciate your wrinkles. Maybe you want them there.

But if that’s not the case, just take a few minutes to see what makes you feel uncomfortable. What would you like to see changed? Once you’ve pinpointed this particular thing, then you should start doing research on which Juvederm variant is better to use depending on what area of the face you choose to treat and what kind of treatment you’re looking for.

Once you have your mind set on a particular Juvederm variant, do a little research and see which of the nearby clinics offer the Juvederm filler injection and see how it fits within your finances. Considering how widespread Juvederm has become, it most certainly will be a minor dent in your budget, but one that was definitely worth spending.

So try something a little different with the Juvederm dermal filler and see how you can restore volume, fullness and vigor to your face and skin. 

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