True or False: Botox Edition

Updated on March 9, 2022

We are about Botox, we talked about it, we see it on the news, we hear rumors that our favorite celebrities and public figures have received it and so on. Without a doubt Botox has become ingrained in modern culture and is a very large heart of the beauty and fashion industry. We have seen the treatment grow as time passes and has become a staple of any proper cosmetic clinic or medical spa.

Which is why MiracleFace MedSpa and Botox LA are two very popular treatment plans and their cities, with thousands of clients choosing Botox is their primary form of anti-aging. 

But just because something is popular and well-known, doesn’t mean that everything we know about it is true. As with anything else that’s popular, rumors appear left and right. Some of these rumors may have some truth to them, but unfortunately, most of the prominent ones are completely wrong.

So taking into account the rise in popularity of Botox in the annual incline avenue clients core introduced to it, it’s important to clear up what is and isn’t a rumor so that we know as much of the truth as possible before making the appointment. Which is why would the help of the very informative staff of MiracleFace MedSpa, we’re going to get to the bottom over few very renowned rumors about this famous treatment.

It’s Dangerous

A lot of people get put off by the idea of getting Botox treatment, as they believe that it’s dangerous. No I’m not going to sugarcoat anything; yes, mistakes can be made during a Botox procedure. They are possible. But worrying about something going wrong during a Botox treatment is the same as worrying that your hairdresser might accidentally cut you with the scissors.

Sure, it’s possible. But at the same time very unlikely and it doesn’t stop you from getting your hair done. If we think about risks, anything from drinking water to walking down the street can be rather risky in its own right. What matters, however, is how likely it is that something will go wrong.

Lucky for us, after generations of improvements made to the Botox compound, we can rest easy knowing that the risk of anything going wrong is very slim. Thanks to the newest renditions of the compound, there are very minimal risks of allergic reactions or the compound not performing well.

So, try to avoid giving into the fear that Botox is super dangerous and just take a second to think about how many risks you take on a daily basis that are probably more dangerous than a simple Botox treatment. You’ll understand just how reliable this treatment is and how small the risk of anything going wrong is. 

It Puffs Up Your Face

It’s not very surprising that most people don’t actually know how Botox works. If you ask around, you’ll see that everyone simply believes that it’s some kind of goo that is injected under the skin to puff it up and make it look plastic. What Botox does in reality is completely different.

First of all it doesn’t make your skin look plastic. The modern versions of the compound have been adapted to make sure that the face looks as natural after the treatment as it did before it. So if you’re worried that people will notice you’ve had Botox, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, as it’s very hard to tell the difference between a treated and untreated face. 

And how Botox actually works is a lot more interesting than most people think. Yes it does involve an injection, what’s a compound works differently to how most people believe it does. It doesn’t pop up your skin, but rather numbs the muscles under the skin which in turn smooth out any wrinkles above. So, it’s not a matter of stretching out the skin, but soothing the muscles, relieving them of excess tension, which then automatically makes the skin smooth.

So stop worrying about some fake stories about how Botox actually works and try looking into the facts. You’ll be a lot more satisfied with what you find, I can assure you of that.

No, You Don’t Have to Have a 6 Digit Salary to Afford It

By far the most prominent false rumor is that Botox is expensive. This mostly comes from the fact that we’re used to seeing public figures and celebrities go for Botox. So we subconsciously convince ourselves that it must be super expensive, which is not the case for sure.

Look it’s common sense that you won’t afford a Botox treatment with some loose pocket change, but you also don’t need to sell a kidney to afford a treatment. Many clinics offer convenient ways of payment, some of which may suit you better than others and will offer a more economical option even if you may be tight on budget. 

Clinics charge for their services in different ways. For example, they may charge per amount of Botox used, what part of the face or the body they’re treating or maybe they just have a general treatment package that offers a more reasonably priced alternative. Just look at the MiracleFace MedSpa’s Botox NYC treatment plan, which is renowned across New York City as one of the best deals you can find on Botox.

If you can find something like that for yourself in your local area, it shouldn’t take much out of your budget. So if you’re a little tighter on budget as of late, you really don’t have much to worry about. Well Botox isn’t something you would call cheap, it is still much more affordable now than it ever was in the past thanks to the fierce competition and the rise in the availability of the compound. 

which means that no more than ever is the perfect time to try it out for yourself if you’ve ever been interested an anti-aging with Botox.

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