Trending Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Updated on March 17, 2020

Cosmetic surgery and other procedures are commonplace nowadays and give everyone – regardless of gender – an opportunity to look younger for longer. Performed by qualified and experienced technicians at certified and licensed clinics, cosmetic procedures come in many options. But which are the current trending facial procedures are the most popular? Let’s have a look at just a few!


The eyelids are among the first of our facial features to age, and an upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure is one successful way of alleviating the problem. 

What is involved? The procedure is simple yet effective and involves minor surgery to the upper and lower lids. This will help resolve sagging skin and other signs of ageing in the area of the eyes and is popular with people of all ages.


Perhaps the ‘classic’ of all cosmetic facial surgery is the facelift. This surgical procedure removes sagging and loose skin. A facelift may also be a routine procedure in compliment with a blepharoplasty. It is strongly recommended that if you are considering undergoing a facelift, or any cosmetic procedure, you talk to an expert. A top clinic such as Visage Facial Plastic Surgery & Skin Clinic in Winnipeg will happily arrange an initial consultation with a professional who will advise you to your best option and what is suitable for you.


Another classic procedure is the rhinoplasty. This is the reshaping of the nose and is very popular with those who are not happy with this very prominent feature! When you consult a surgeon, will talk you through the procedure and you will be able to tell them exactly what you want to achieve. The results can be very impressive. Every part of the nose can be reshaped individually, or multiple parts concurrently.  It’s worth chatting to an expert to see what can be done for you.

Mini Facelift

This procedure is not quite the same as a facelift. It involves the removing of ageing signs on the lower part of the face only. It resolves issues such as sagging skin and wrinkles. The procedure is less invasive, and the recover-time is less than a standard facelift. The Mini Facelift is becoming a very popular surgical procedure.

Forehead Lift

Think is similar to a mini facelift – except for the upper part of the head only. In this procedure the surgeon will lift the skin and ensure tightening. This will remove worry lines and wrinkles which form on the forehead. It’s a very popular and successful procedure that helps with anti-ageing, and is undergone by all genders who have a desire to stay looking younger for longer.

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a common procedure which tightens up the skin in the area of the lower face, chin and neck. It is an extremely effective procedure. If you have issues with this area that you want to sort out: this may be the recommended solution for you. It is important to always consult with an expert before you commit to any such procedure.

These are just a few of the many cosmetic facial procedures that are popular right now. And there may be more that you would be interested in. We recommend that you find a reputable clinic and arrange for a consultation – as the expert beauticians will be able to suggest the perfect procedure for your individual requirements. Once you know the route to take, you’re on the way to younger-looking you in no time.

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