Travel Nurses Guide to Ensuring a Successful Assignment

Updated on June 3, 2020

One of the most exciting career paths as a nurse is travel nursing. Not only do you travel and explore the world, but you also get an opportunity to hone your skills working alongside the country’s top medical professionals.

However, there are a few success factors you need to take care of if you’re to thrive in your travel nursing assignments. A key area to start with, especially if you’re moving to a bustling and expensive city like New York, is accommodation.

In this post, we share practical tips to help you settle down quickly when relocating to New York for your nursing duties.

Does your agency provide accommodation?

Before starting your home hunt, inquire if your travel nursing agency is offering you housing. If this is an option, find out if the apartment or accommodation is suitable for your needs or not. In most cases, no one will force you to reside there, so if you don’t find it appropriate, you’re allowed to look for alternative accommodation.


The location of your home determines how much time you spend on your daily commute to and from work. Ideally, you want to stay as close to your work station as possible. While this could mean you pay a bit more in rent, the convenience of staying close to work and avoiding the long and often costly commutes makes it all worth it.


If you plan to go for a fully furnished apartment, we recommend looking for a home with the right amenities to facilitate a comfortable stay during the duration of your assignment. Does it have laundry equipment, ample storage space, kitchen appliances, Wi-Fi, and other must-have facilities for a modern home? All these are vital factors you should consider before making any payment.

If you’re looking for the best serviced apartments in NYC, these apartments by Blueground are worth checking out. The real-estate tech company offers top-quality homes in some of New York’s best neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to stay close to the popular Museum Mile or want to reside near Central Park, the company has an apartment to suit your needs. Choose from a range of options depending on your needs and budget. Whether you want a studio apartment, one-bedroom apartment, or even a two-bedroom apartment, there’s something for you. All of them are professionally designed and tastefully furnished to make your stay here as fulfilling as possible.

Quality of accommodation

When you’re on an important assignment, the last thing you want to deal with is a home that stresses you every time you have to go back home. The good thing is you can avoid this by conducting due diligence before moving into a new place.

Before signing that lease, first read reviews from former tenants of the place you’re looking to stay. Take a look at sites like Review My Landlord, Rate My Landlord, and Who’s Your Landlord to gauge whether to engage the landlord or not.

If you’re impressed with the testimonials, go ahead and contact the owner or the agency in charge of the place. Take a keen interest in how they engage you – this should give you an idea of how they will treat you as their tenant. If they have experience housing travel nurses, that’s an added advantage.


Housing needs vary from one person to another, and there is no one size fits all. As such, it’s imperative to communicate your preferences to your would-be landlord before moving in.

For example, if you like to host people for some weekend fun, make sure you ask if loud music is allowed within the property. The same applies if you wish to keep a pet or have a colleague you’d like to co-rent the space. Also, inquire if you can renew your lease in case your contract is extended or terminate it if the contrary happens.

Asking about these seemingly trivial details will help to ensure you’re on the same page with the property management before moving in.


The travel nursing career path comes with fantastic perks. Besides advancing your career, you also get to serve the community, explore new cultures, and grow your perspective on life.

If your next assignment takes you to New York, be sure to implement the tips we’ve shared here to find the most suitable accommodation for you. We wish you the best of luck!

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