Top Ways For Finding The Cheapest Car Insurance For Seniors

Updated on March 15, 2021
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Car insurance will drop in price as you get older…but only for so long. You see, car insurance will usually be cheapest for you when you’re in your fifties because drivers in their fifties are considered to be among the safest out on the road.

But by the time you get into your sixties, and especially by your seventies, the average car insurance rates will start to climb. As a result, it is almost certain that you are going to spend more money on car insurance when you become a senior, but even while that may be unavoidable, you can still likely pay a lot less than you otherwise may have thought. 

The reason why car insurance climbs for seniors is because seniors are regarded as being more accident prone than drivers who are in their forties and fifties, the age when car insurance rates should be at their lowest. But again, just because your car insurance rates are likely to climb does not mean that you will have to spend a fortune. 

Here are the top ways to get the best and cheapest car insurance for seniors:

Choose a Cheap Car

Different years, makes, and models of vehicles will be either more expensive or less expensive to insure. In fact, car insurance rates can vary dramatically depending on the make and model of the car.

If your car insurance suddenly shoots up very high when you become a senior, it could be partially due to your make and model of car. What you can do is find a car that will be cheaper to insure and then switch to that.

Generally speaking, vehicles that are considered more accident prone such as sports cars will almost always be more expensive to insure. But cars that are regarded as being less accident prone, such as mid-sized SUVs, will be much cheaper. 

Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Right now, you may have different insurance policies across different insurance companies. That’s fine, but you may save a lot of cash by bundling your insurance policies instead.

Bundling insurance policies means that you buy all or most of your insurance policies from the same insurer. If you do, the insurer should offer you a discount for one or more types of your insurance. Some insurance companies may offer a bundle deal, such as home and author insurance together, for example. 

Simply Seek Senior Discounts

Sure, you may have to pay more money for car insurance as a senior, but there are still many different senior discounts that should be available for you as well. This is because car insurance companies and providers understand that seniors are usually the most experienced drivers on the road simply due to their age, and have been driving vehicles on public roads for decades. 

In other words, car insurance companies understand that seniors are usually fully competent drivers, even if they are regarded as being higher risk than drivers in their forties and fifties. For senior drivers who are regarded as being competent, insurance companies will offer discounts in order to attract them. Furthermore, your chances of getting a discount increase dramatically if you’ve been with the same insurance company for years or decades. 

Join Membership Clubs

Another way to get senior car insurance discounts will be to join certain membership clubs, such as AARP, which will get you access to discount pricing. You should also get discounts if you are a military veteran or previously worked in law enforcement. 

Drive Less

Last but not least, another way almost guaranteed to get you cheaper car insurance will be to simply drive less. If you are no longer commuting and no longer driving as much as you were in the past, you would be wise to inform your insurance company. 

It depends on the state in which you live, but if you simply drive fewer miles each year, you should be able to get savings in the vicinity of ten percent or so. But again, your insurance company won’t give you the discount unless if you actually inform them, so give them a call. 

Getting Cheap Car Insurance 

As you can hopefully tell, just because you will likely have to pay more money on car insurance as a senior doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune

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