Top Tips For Having Healthy, Glowing Skin

Having glowing, healthy, wrinkle-free skin is the dream for many people. However, you might feel like this dream is one you’ll never make come true, especially if you need to apply plenty of makeup and stand in the right lighting to get the look you want. We all want to feel confident and happy with how we look, and having good skin is one of the most important aspects in achieving this body confidence. It’s not all about looks though. Looking after your skin is vital for your health too – you can avoid plenty of horrible skin infections and diseases by treating it right.

Stay careful in the sun

Although it’s tempting to stay out in the sun and work on your tan, just think about the damage it causes. From premature aging to cancer, the sun’s harmful UV rays do much more harm than good – even if you love how you look with a bronzed glow. Make sure you wear plenty of sun block, looking for one that blocks both UVA and UVB rays too. The higher the SPF the better, even if you don’t think you need it. Don’t be fooled by slightly overcast days – when it’s a bit gray and windy, you’ll be more likely to burn. If you’re still desperate for that post-holiday look, try experimenting with different fake tans. Some look natural, and if you buy premium products, you’ll be more likely to get a natural looking coverage.

Use non-invasive technology

Sometimes, no matter how much moisturizer you apply or how many liters of water you drink, you’ll struggle to get that dewy look back. After a certain age, your skin naturally begins to lose its elasticity. It’s a natural part of aging – but this doesn’t mean you have to just sit back and let nature take its course. There are many non-invasive technologies on the market that can help you get your fresh-faced look back. Specialists like Your Laser Skin Care can help you out with gentle skin tightening treatments. So, whether you’re looking for Los Angeles juvederm or Detroit dermatology, start researching non-invasive technologies to find the results you want.

Watch what you drink

Drinking plenty of water is important to ensure healthy skin. You should aim to drink around two to three liters a day, increasing this if it’s hot or you’re doing lots of exercise. Drinking the right amount of water not only flushes out the toxins in your body, but also keeps your skin hydrated and glowing. You can apply as much moisturizer as you want, but nothing’s as good or effective as drinking plenty of water.

You can also use hot-cold methods to tighten your skin: in an ideal world, visit a spa and sit in the sauna before leaping into a freezing cold plunge pool. However, this is hard to do when you’re pushed for time! So, get the same treatment at home by soaking a cloth in hot water and laying it on your face, before repeatedly splashing yourself with cold water.