Top Tips for Dealing with Back Pain

Updated on May 14, 2021

Many of us have to deal with some form of back pain. We can live very sedentary lives at office desks or behind the wheel of our cars, and this can cause back pain and other issues that can only worsen the longer that we do not address them. Here are some top tips for dealing with back pain.

Watch How You Sit

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to how you are sitting. Many of us can be quite lazy and tend to hunch over as we work. We could also not be sitting in the right type of seat. Not every office chair can give the best lumbar support. Long hours in these types of seats are never going to be good for your back.

Making a conscious effort to sit up and pull your shoulders back when working can help. You might also want to look into some sort of support cushion that could help your back, or even a new seat with lumbar support. Little changes like this will make all the difference in how you might feel at the end of a long working day.

Visit a Chiropractor

If you have some ongoing issues that need to be addressed, making an appointment with a licensed chiropractor might be the best move for you to make. This professional will be able to assess your back and where the issues might be, and then will be able to recommend a course of treatment.

It is important to remember that this might take more than one session. Even the best chiropractors might find that one of your knots or problematic areas are too much to tackle in one go. Instead, it will be better for you to make a series of appointments in which you can work together to improve your back.

Daily Stretching

As parts of your morning and evening routines, try to stretch when you can. While your back should be the focus here, you should also try to include stretches that target your hips, shoulders, and other parts of your body.

There are many free routines that you can find online, or you might even want to try following a video tutorial on YouTube. Try to spend at least ten minutes stretching every day in the morning and evening. You could consider it a form of meditation, so you are able to clear your mind a little at the same time. Before long, you will be able to see the benefits of this daily stretching coming out.

Back pain can be difficult to live with, but luckily there are many ways around it. If you feel like you have an odd twinge in your back after sitting for long periods of time, you might want to think about addressing it before it gets much worse. Any of the tips above are fantastic places to start. Address your back pain now and think of some of the changes you can make to your lifestyle to help prevent it.

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