Top Reasons Why Dentist Recommend Tooth Extractions

Updated on November 26, 2020

Houston is among the most popular places in the state of Texas. People love to live in the city due to its booming economy, colorful culture, and plenty of parks and green spaces where families can explore and hang out all the time. It also has diverse culinary offerings brought by the different ethnicities that migrated to the area. Food lovers from the country and other parts of the world visit the city for its sumptuous, iconic dishes like the crawfish dish at the Crawfish & Noodle restaurant and the fried shrimp with remoulade sauce from Christie’s Seafood & Steaks. It also has plenty of dessert places where people can get donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and other sweets to their heart’s content. 

Because of this, cases of oral health problems are prevalent in the city. If the toothache is already causing you to lose concentration on your job or family, you can no longer postpone your trip to your oral health care practitioner to have your set of pearly whites checked. If the dentist discovered that the aching tooth is beyond repair, he/she could recommend an immediate tooth extraction, especially if the damaged tooth can affect the other teeth and gums. An article from also claimed that this procedure is very different compared to root canals and other fillings to prevent the teeth from causing more problems to the other part of the mouth. 

If you remain unconvinced about having a tooth extraction, here are several primary reasons why you must consider this dental therapy at the moment. 

Reason #1: Tooth Damage Due To Extreme Decay

When the dreaded tooth decay manages to reach the tooth pulp or the center of the tooth, the dentist will have no other choice but to extract it right away. The extraction will save the tooth from collecting bacteria formed by the decay. If the decaying tooth remains, it may reach the pulp and become the cause of a severe infection. A root canal treatment may also help, but tooth extraction remains a better solution to stop the spread of the infection. And if you need a recommendation for a dentist, head over to American Family Dentistry and Orthodontics clinic.

Reason #2: To Help Treat An Impacted Tooth

There are times when a tooth could not come out of the gums because of a blockage due to an impacted tooth or when the gums could not fully erupt. It usually happens with the wisdom teeth, since it is the last permanent tooth that will come out for the adults. To fix this, most dentists would suggest the impacted tooth extraction to avoid damaging the other teeth. If they remove the cause of the problem, they will also reduce the risk of severe cases of infection and overcrowding.  

Reason #3: To Treat Periodontal Diseases 

Dentists define periodontal disease as a condition that affects a person’s periodontal ligaments, gums, alveolar bone, and other areas that surround the teeth. One of the most common kinds of oral health problems is gingivitis, where bacteria surround the gums. While regular tooth brushing can remove the plaque buildup, some would have already been deeply embedded between the tooth and gums. It may cause the loosening of the problem tooth. 

To fix this problem, the dentist performs a tooth extraction. As mentioned in the article posted in, the dentist will inject a local anesthetic medicine in the area surrounding the problem tooth, then use dental instruments like forceps and elevators to pull out the entire tooth. They may also use a surgical blade to push back the gum tissue so they can have better access to the teeth. They will also use sutures when necessary to help the gum tissues heal faster.  

Reason #4: To Fix An Accident

There are times when accident victims need to consult with their dentists to fix the damage. For example, people who encountered car collisions may need dental treatments due to the accident’s impact. While the dentist will do everything that they can to preserve the teeth, some cases require tooth extraction if the accident severely chipped or deformed the teeth and expose its pulp to bacteria. If this happens, they have no other choice but to pull the tooth right away to prevent more problems in the future. 

A dentist is willing to do any treatment possible to save their patient’s pearly whites. But if the problem tooth can affect the rest of the teeth and cause further complications, they have to decide on extracting the tooth to prevent the others from getting affected. So patients always need to make sure that they are practicing proper oral health care routine to take care of their teeth despite eating plenty of sweets from H-Town shops.

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