Top Four Measures Expecting Mothers Should Make

When you are pregnant, it seems all you ever get is either advice or questions about what it’s like being pregnant. The advice will come from those who have been pregnant before, the questions likely from your friends who haven’t reached that step yet in their lives. Either way, there is no shortage of opinions to choose from when it comes to how to live so that your baby can be healthy and whole.

At the heart of all the advice, there are measures that every expecting mother should make. Consider the following guidance.

1. Know What to Put into their Bodies

Babies grow using the nutrients and vitamins that they can source from your body. The healthier you are, the easier they can develop correctly and without any complications. Thankfully, science has boiled down exactly what is and isn’t good for pregnancies. An example of a vitamin that is good for fetuses is folic acid. Folic acid should be taken before you even conceive, to give your child the best chance, but if the pregnancy was unexpected simply start taking it as soon as possible.

Your doctor will have a variety of different recommendations, including which medications you should and should not continue to take. Even anti-depressants, which are often seen as essential, will likely need to be stopped while you are pregnant. They can severely harm a baby’s development. Work with your doctor to come with a suitable alternative until after you have given birth. 

2. Stay Active Throughout the Pregnancy

Regular exercise is important for every single person. Just because you are pregnant does not mean you cannot exercise. It also doesn’t mean it is bad for the baby. The only difference is how much exertion you can put your body under. Lifting dead weights can be dangerous, but there are many safe alternatives to stay active well into the third trimester.

3. Make A Birth Plan

Stress can be harmful to both you and your baby, so reduce it as much as possible by making a birth plan and a backup birth plan. This way you can work out who your doctor is, how to get to the hospital, and even how to do the breathing exercises correctly. It won’t prepare you for the actual experience of giving birth for the first time, but knowing that everything else is good to go can help.

4. Safeguard Your Baby’s Health

Go one step further and use the services from BioVault Family cord blood bank to safeguard your infant’s health well into the future. There is so much that can be done in medical treatments when the patients own stem cells are used. From successful surgeries to other treatments for more dangerous illnesses, there is a whole world of possibilities out there, so long as you take that extra step to store these life-saving cells after giving birth. 

Your baby’s health should be your utmost priority. Though yes, you will love your newborn no matter what, it will always be better knowing that you did your best to provide a healthy environment while they were developing in your womb. Extend these benefits further by then safeguarding their future health by storing their stem cells, and you will have given them the gift of great health now and into the future.