Top Best Restaurant POS Systems

Updated on November 22, 2021

The introduction of automation systems is a prerequisite for the restaurant business.  Each institution needs to find its own tool that provides management and control of all processes in a restaurant or cafe.

For owners of cafes, restaurants and other establishments, excellent

The tool is modern POS-systems, including special software and POS-equipment.  Such systems are specially designed to systematize all the processes of the institution: the activities of the kitchen, warehouse, cash desk, hall, accounting.

And experts in this field will help build a pos system.

Well-chosen software and hardware help to manage business processes, optimize them, identify weaknesses and eliminate them.  The following processes can be automated:

* customer service – accepting an order, transferring it to the kitchen, preparing a dish, forming a guest bill, calculating, issuing a fiscal receipt;

* warehouse and logistics operations – the arrival of products and semi-finished products, write-off of food ingredients;

* personnel management – accounting of working hours and accepted / completed orders, video surveillance, exclusion of abuse, incentive programs;

* implementation of loyalty programs – the use of discounts, payment by voucher, write-off from the deposit;

* regular analysis of the menu – reduction of food cost and the formation of high demand for menu items;

* Carrying out reservations of tables and halls, planning banquets;

* targeted delivery of orders;

*  Accounting.


A system for automating a restaurant with a large number of different modules that connect to a special server and work through it (cash register, warehouse, kitchen, finance, guests, staff, suppliers).  There is front and back office functionality.


A cloud-based system for automating small cafes, canteens, restaurants and entire chains.  In one window: the work of the hall and kitchen, food accounting, calculation of dishes and cost, shift schedules and staff motivation, loyalty system and delivery service.


Automation system for a restaurant, cafe, bar, club, canteen or chain of catering and entertainment services.  It optimizes order acceptance, settlement with guests, interaction with the kitchen, loyalty programs, work with menus, products, goods and recipes, inventory control, work with receipts and expenses.

Quick Resto

Cloud-based system for easy management and automation of the restaurant business.  It has a clear and simple interface, consisting of a front office and a back office with a system for autonomous work, CRM structure, warehouse accounting, reports and support for the necessary additional.  equipment.


A comprehensive automation system for the restaurant business.  Back office with mobile access.  Application for the kitchen and collecting orders.  Online checkout.  Mobile application and website for clients.  An aggregator that promotes your restaurant to a large pool of new customers.


CRM for restaurants + service for searching and booking a restaurant.  Virtual map of tables.  Integration with the cash register system, reports, targeted SMS and E-mail mailings.  The order form can be placed on your own site and on partner sites.


Professional automation system for catering establishments: restaurants, cafes, bars.  Includes various modules (front office for direct work in the restaurant and back office for controlling processes and costs) and applications.

POS Sector

The program can be configured both for the work of a standard establishment with waiters and orders at tables, and for the sale of dishes directly at the counter by the cashier (fast food, canteen).  The waiter collects the order and sends it to the kitchen (or kitchens) and bar.

However, before deciding which system to choose, it is important to carefully analyze all the needs of the restaurant business and your preferences.

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