Top 6 Reasons Why CBD Is Everywhere

Updated on February 24, 2020

Millions of Americans rely on herbal extracts or “alternative therapies” to treat and manage conditions such as pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

This is fueled by a rising interest in natural remedies and possibly, a lack of trust in pharmaceuticals; some of which are linked to long-term side effects. 

 It therefore comes as no surprise that cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic compound of cannabis and hemp, has found its way into the homes of everyday Americans, where it is sometimes used as a supplement, and also as treatment for different ailments. 

What Can CBD Do for Me?

Based on medical research, CBD does provide some medical benefit to users. So, it’s not only because of aggressive marketing that CBD is so widespread today. When you look at cannabinoids in general, they have a long-standing contribution to human health – particularly CBD and THC, which were used to treat pain and discomfort; in addition to their recreational uses. The antioxidants present in these compounds may have worked as medicine when treating injury and skin infection. 

But let us look at what CBD offers us today. 

Reasons Why CBD is Everywhere:

    – The Plant-based Medicine Trend

A major reason so many people are using CBD today has to do with a preexisting trend involving plant-based medicine. This may have started with the more educated, urban populations, but somewhere along the way, “herbal” medicine became popular across all demographics, and as a result, CBD oil started selling everywhere. 

Because people are always looking for alternatives to prescription drugs, it is quite easy for a plant-based extract such as CBD to gain a massive following. Also keeping in mind that CBD has been endorsed by multiple celebrity doctors such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta, it makes sense how people have taken to this hemp extract. 

CBD Legalization 

Cannabidiol is closely linked with THC and cannabis; however, there are significant difference s in the biology of these compounds. CBD does have psychoactive effects, meaning that it can alter hormone and brain function; but the important thing is that CBD does not make the user high. 

CBD is legal by federal law, and this has helped create a new market in which hundreds of different CBD products have been made targeting every kind of consumer. 

Incidentally, consumers should be made aware of other factors such as the extraction methods, farming practices, and whether the product may contain high amounts of THC.

     – FDA Approval

A lot of people have pointed to this as indication that CBD has a genuine place in conventional healthcare. The particular incident that led to CBD being approved by the Food and Drug Administration involved a treatment for epilepsy that used cannabidiol. The drug is called Epidiolex and is used to treat rare forms of epilepsy. 

CBD is also being studied for the role it might play in treating other neurological disorders including conditions affecting the nervous system, and the hippocampus region of the brain. 

Individuals who may have been hesitant to use CBD before the FDA approval looked at this as an official endorsement by the authorities; and naturally, CBD has gained popularity because of this. 

     – CBD’s Uncertain Potential

The interesting thing about CBD is that even the health experts don’t really understand how it works, or to what extent it may be used to provide relief from human ailments. Because of this, consumers have had to put up with the hype surrounding CBD, with many manufacturers and sellers making wild health claims to attract buyers. 

On the side of consumers, it is exciting to have a single pant extract that seems to target almost every physiological process in the body. And it’s true that CBD (along with other natural endo-transmitters) influences brain function and alters your neurochemicals, making it possible for you to manage processes such as appetite, mood, pain, and sleep. It’s not yet clear how much more you can do with cannabidiol, but from what we understand so far, CBD is extremely versatile. 

     – Helpful for Anxiety and Pain Management

The use of hemp oil for pain and anxiety accounts for at least half of all CBD purchases in U.S. 

The reasons for this are obvious: anxiety affects at least 1 in 3 Americans, and the number of people taking pain medication is in the millions. As one of the active compounds in hemp and marijuana, CBD is a mild pain-killer, and perhaps what makes it better than pills is that it reduces pain and improves your mood as well; releasing chemicals that make you feel better, and help you sleep through the night. 

Having both pain and anxiety can make your life very difficult and may actually lead to more serious health problems later on in life. CBD offers users a safe, mild therapy for pain, inflammation; and also works as a stress-reliever. 

     – Beauty Effects

CBD can be used in skincare with great results. This may come from its healing properties, as well the effects it has in the immune system. 

As we’ve already mentioned, CBD improves sleep. Now, this may not be obvious to some consumers, but sleep plays an important role in health and beauty. Your immune system is able to fight infection and skin inflammation much easier when you’re getting enough sleep. 

CBD oil is also used on dry skin to provide moisture and nourishment, while also improving skin texture. 

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