Top 5 UAE Road trips you should try in 2020

Updated on November 4, 2020

Who doesn’t like a good road trip with friends and some good and blastic music? Road trips are the best way to satisfy the adventure freak inside you and improve your overall health and wellness. They don’t only appease your adventure craving but also help to get a break from monotony. A UAE road trip is all you need to refresh your soul and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

UAE road trips are gaining fast popularity recently especially among the young generation. The different views of Jabal Jais mountain and Kalba provides the best opportunity for road trip enthusiasts to treat themselves to mesmerizing mountains. People around the world travel in the UAE and enjoy amazing road trips in their rental car. 

Super roads with super SUVs! What else do you wish for? From discovering Jebel al Jais to traversing Liwa oasis, there is much to explore. And, here is our pick of the best roads in UAE that you can take around. Don’t forget to contact any professional Rent A Car Dubai company to hire a luxury car or SUV for a convenient trip. 

Liwas oasis

This is one of the remotest places in the UAE. It is basically a desert that is located on the edge of an empty quarter. It is also called Rub al Khali. The beautiful Liwa Oasis road runs along this desert. This route doesn’t have any mountains nearby but still driving on the magnificent sand is quite a different experience. 

Kalba Road Sharjah

This beautiful and straight road is about 5 km long and you can enjoy different landscapes while driving. You can see the rising mountains and bends. Along with that, this road has a tunnel that is around 1.27 km long. You will be completely blown away by the amazing view of the Fujairah coastal view. Rent a sports car in Dubai to make your trip more exciting and memorable. 


This place is 130 km away from Dubai and almost 285 km from Abu Dhabi. It offers a great bonding opportunity to get relaxed away from the city hustle. The laid-back pace and panoramic views are additional rewards of hitting this place. It is one of the best destinations for your weekend trip. Don’t worry if you don’t own a car, you can rent it out from any Monthly Car Rental Dubai UAE company for a day or 2. 

Ras Al Khaimah 

This place is almost 100 km away from Dubai and it is perfect for adventurous freaks like you. It is a great mini-break destination to enjoy with your friends and family. Along with the road trip, you can also enjoy paragliding, golf, fishing, and many more activities. If you want to stay here at night, there are plenty of hotels and beach resorts nearby. Moreover, Iceland water park, Khatts springs, and Khaimah national museums are also worth visiting. 

Jebel Hafeet Al Ain

You just can’t ignore the beauty of Jebel Hafeet that includes a sturdy climb of 1240 meters through rocky limestones. It is the second-highest peak in UAE and it is loved by trekkers and mountain climbers. You can enjoy the majestic views of Oman, Al ain city, and adjacent deserts from the mountain top. It has been declared as the best driving road in the world. Make sure to drive slow and take breaks at appropriate levels to admire the surrounding views. You can also enjoy a one day trip to Al Ain palace and zoo. 

Excited much? Pack your bags and make sure to charge your phone and camera fully to capture stunning photos of your surroundings. Also, rent a car from any cheap car rental in UAE for a budget-friendly trip. 

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