Top 4 Reasons to Pursue CompTIA Security+ Certification

Updated on August 6, 2021

The CompTIA Security+ certification has gained popularity over the years with a lot of buzzes. Therefore, it is natural for the potential candidates to want to know if it is worth their effort. So, is this certificate worth this buzz? Can you build a rewarding career with it?

Well, the fact is that Certbolt is worth everything you put into pursuing it if your goal is to build a career in the cybersecurity field. Having this certification on your resume gives you a strong competitive edge and distinguishes you from other job seekers. So, why should you pursue this certificate? Let’s explore the key reasons:

No experience is required

Getting a job in the field of cybersecurity requires experience. Unfortunately, if you do not have the chance to take up your first job, it is impossible to build the required experience. Thankfully, with the Security+ certificate, you can have a better chance of getting an entry-level job where you can build skills and experience. There are no strict requirements, but it is recommended that you have CompTIA Network+ and more than 2 years of experience in the IT administration sector to be able to understand the covered concepts. Nonetheless, within two months, you can prepare for the qualifying exam, take it, and obtain your certification. With numerous resources, the students can ace the test at the first attempt. Within three to six months in total, you may have started working in your first cybersecurity role.

You only have to pass one exam

Unlike many other certificates that require at least two exams to deal with, CompTIA Security+ offers to pass only one test (CompTIA SY0-601). This means that you only have to dedicate your time and energy to studying for a single exam, which makes the preparation process easier and more attractive.

It is relatively cheaper

Compared to other cybersecurity certificates, this one is relatively cheaper to earn. Unlike other certification paths where you have to pay $500 and above to take a single test, the qualification exam of this track costs only exam-labs . The best part is that the potential candidates sometimes get discounts when registering for the test. In some cases, you may purchase the voucher for $200 or less.

You will have huge career potentials

With the Security+ certificate, the interested professionals have many career opportunities that they can explore. The job roles that the certified individuals can explore include Security Administrators, Systems Administrators, Network/Cloud Engineers, Help Desk Managers, Help Desk Analysts, IT Auditors, Security Analysts/Engineers, DevOps/Software Developers, and IT Project Managers, among others. The remuneration for these positions is attractive at about $78,000 per annum.


As you can see, it is worth your time and energy to consider pursuing the CompTIA Security+ certification. The individuals have many opportunities to explore with such a certificate. As they progress in their career paths, they can consider other more advanced options that will help them achieve their career goals and propel them to the peak of their careers.

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