Top 3 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Owning a pet, especially a dog, has several health benefits that pet lovers might not be aware of. The benefits don’t only accrue to adults; some are beneficial to young children too.

Here are three of the health benefits to having a dog in the home.

Greater Allergy Protection for Children

While we may believe that pets bring mites and other potential problems into the home, it’s also true that the development of allergies in children could be reduced when there’s at least one pet at home too. A researcher at the University of Wisconsin Madison found through his immunology study that exposure to animals at a young age increases the body’s acceptance of different bacteria and other elements, helping the body better adjust to their presence instead of causing an allergic reaction.

The research won’t help adults, but families with small children could benefit from having Fido in the house, as it lessens a child’s sensitivity to things that other pet-less kids sneeze at.

Loneliness & Depression is Lowered

We are all a “people person” to the extent that we all require some interaction to feel normal. While human to human interaction is the most ideal to share problems, experiences, and feel part of the outside world, interaction with a pet is much better than being completely alone.

For people who are bordering on depression and feeling totally isolated, the addition of a pet like a dog brings a new fun experience that wasn’t present before. Every dog has its own personality. The experience of discovering whether they’re shy or confident, agile or clumsy, inquisitive or indifferent, and a host of other unique personality traits evident in a dog, creates a depth of understanding that makes a deeper connection. There are even animal-assisted therapy sessions now in some nursing home and hospitals that introduce friendly dogs to people who need a bit more unconditional love in their life.

Get Healthier Through Shared Exercise

Whether you like it or not, if you own a dog, they’ll want to go for walks or runs in the park. Depending on how active their breed tends to be, they may even need at least two walks every day. It’s common for dogs to have problems with their joints over time simply because they put on a lot of miles over their short lives. Sometimes, to keep them going, they need a little extra to boost to their own health. Dogs that are old or in pain for a variety of other reasons have found relief in products like Canna-Pet, a supplement made from industrial hemp.

Dogs and cats provide good company and a dependable companion. They’re cute and cuddly, but there’s plenty of health benefits to owning a dog or cat. With dogs, owners tend to meet other dog owners when out on walks, which creates more interaction and a few marriages over the years from chance meetings. You never know how your health will improve when you own a pet.