Top 10 foods to get rid of abdominal fat

Updated on November 21, 2020

If you are having fat around the other parts of the body is quite common, but stomach fat can leads to so many other problems and raises serious health concerns. If you don’t want to get heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and other severe issues, then you need to pay attention to what we are going to describe here. In this blog, we are going to share the top 10 foods to get rid of stomach fat. Have a look.

Soft drinks

Do you know soft drinks are made up of artificial sugars? This is not good for the health, and artificial sugars increased the abdominal fat. It’s essential not to use these soda drinks that have excessive sugar because it also escalates the bloating issues. This sugar gets converted into fat and triggers higher blood sugar. Don’t indulge yourself into these soft drinks for serious health concerns. Avoid as much as you can.

Processed meat

We are obsessed with a flat stomach, and we need to ensure that we are not consuming any kind of processed meat. It contains saturated fat and cholesterol, which is not suitable for heart disease. Avoid beef jerky, sausages, salami and canned meats. Fulfil your cravings with grilled chicken and fish. Say no to processed meat for abdominal fat.

Low-fat salad dressings

How many of you are following different diets and relying on salads only? We all know diet salads are full of lean, olives, leafy greens, fish and various sauces but low-fat salad dressings are quite unhealthy. It has artificial flavours and preservatives that cause fat around the stomach area. avoid these kinds of dressings because it is going to upset your body shape and triggers other health issues.

Tetra pack fruit juices

If you are consuming tetra pack fruit juices, then you are doing wrong to your health because it contains artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. Never buy these juices or smoothies because it would make it difficult to get a flat stomach. Consume fresh juices with no sugar to get the fresh taste. Make it yourself at home and enjoy this. Say no to tetra pack fruit juices available in a can.

Baked items

Do you people know how much baked items are harmful to health? It won’t give you a flat stomach at all. You need to stop your hands on cakes, cupcakes, pie, brownies and much more. You can go for low sugar desserts but never compromise on high sugar. If it’s difficult for you to resist then make sure you have read the ingredients before consuming. Ask your nutrition for the sudden cravings because these things will ruin your diet.

Fried junk food

Nothing would be more harmful than fried junk food. If you are following any strict diet, then you need to say goodbye to all types of fried food. It’s pretty much alright to satisfy cravings with one or two bites but doesn’t exceed this limit. Oven baking items are good enough than deep-fried foods because it contains oil and increases fat and cholesterol issues.


Parties are incomplete without alcohol, and it contains harmful calories that trigger only body fat. You won’t be able to get a flat abdominal area with high consumption of alcohol. Heavy drinkers may have to pay a huge amount for this because they have to follow alcohol recovery programs first under the supervision of doctors. They would let them know what diet plan need to follow for reducing heavyweight.

Breakfast cereals

It has been seen everywhere breakfast cereals are considered an essential part of the breakfast, but in reality, you can trigger fat issues with this as well. Get your hands on to low sugar, whole grain and rich fibre cereals and use low-fat milk. It won’t increase the weight and keep everything balanced. Just avoid high sugar content and processed white flour in breakfast cereals. Read the ingredients carefully.

Limit Carbs

Carb intake needs to be limited for weight loss. Limiting carbs improves metabolism and reduce excess abdominal fat. The highest intake of whole grains would be the best alternative. Please don’t rely on processed carbs because it would only expand your waistline and produce fat around the organs.

White bread

Various nutritionist does not suggest white bread, and it lowers down your energy levels as well. Keep yourself away from white bread and try to replace your morning breakfast with healthy alternatives. Bran bread, oat bread and flaxseed bread is a good option for breakfasts. White bread has high rates of carbohydrates increase inflammation in the body that cause lower metabolism and high blood pressure issues. Refined breads are not an ideal option for a flat stomach. 

What exercise do we need to do for a flat stomach?

It’s not easy to get a flat stomach with the right selection of food. It would be best if you worked out as well. Here we are going to share a few exercises that can give you a flat stomach.

  1. Swiss ball
  2. Plank exercise
  3. Bicycle crunch
  4. Skipping
  5. Cardio exercises

What should be done for reducing stomach fat?

  1. Reduce stress levels
  2. Walk 30 minutes daily
  3. Add protein to your diet
  4. Track food intake
  5. Get proper sleep
  6. Limit sugar intake
  7. Take green tea
  8. Get a belly massage
  9. Include protein shakes in breakfasts
  10. Increase fibre intake in the diet
  11. Have dinner early 
  12. Limit alcohol consumption
  13. Limit calories
  14. Stay hydrated
  15. Snack smartly

These were the few foods that need to be avoided for stomach fat. If you people are not following the right diet plan then definitely you are doing wrong to you. Make sure by the end of this blog, you have researched so many things and skip those things that increase your stomach fat only. Walk at least 30 minutes and cut all food as mentioned above from your diet to stay healthy and fit. 

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