Tips to Select the Best Dental Implant

Updated on January 31, 2022

When you need tooth replacement surgery, the most crucial factor that should guide your choice is whether or not you have a healthy jawbone. For example, specific techniques like dental implants all on 4 require more bone density than others. 

Here are some points to consider before choosing a dental implant.

Check Your Bone 

A healthy jawbone can support a dental implant. However, some people have low bone density – especially those with osteoporosis or small jaws that didn’t grow as expected during childhood due to missing teeth. When the jawbones are not sufficiently dense, they cannot hold an implant by themselves and will need other types of implants to increase or restore their height.

Check the Size of Your Jawbone    

The effective method to determine this is by a CT scan with a 3D printer image which can be measured to determine whether the jawbone thickness is adequate for placing an implant in it or not.

If your jawbones aren’t thick enough, they may need to be augmented with a bone graft.

Check the Location of Missing Teeth    

If you’ve lost teeth and want to replace them, you’ll need to consider whether they were positioned in the front or back of your mouth.

The former requires greater jawbone density, while the latter has less requirement because there is an angle of compression.

Choose the Best Technique    

There are many techniques like the dental implants all on 4, designed to suit people with limited jawbone density.

This latest technique holds up most of the dental features in place, using just four implants for each arch since there is no need to rely on teeth anymore.

Choose Stable Implants    

Stability is one of the significant factors that determine whether your dental implant will be successful or not. You need to ensure that the implant is placed in a stable position because if it’s not, it may cause the jawbone to move.

Choose Durable Implants    

Dentists recommend you choose implants made of titanium alloy, the most durable ones available. It’s not a standard alloy and is more expensive than others, but it’s worth it.

Check the Quality of Implants    

You need to buy quality implants from an experienced dental implant dentist who has been placing them for years – one who will give you excellent results.

Choose a Reputable Dental Implant Dentist    

Choosing a good dentist is essential to ensure that your dental implants will be successful. You need someone highly trained in this specialized field who has extensive experience performing the techniques involved.

Check the License of the Dentist    

Your dentist’s license is vital to make sure you work with someone who is qualified and can give you good results. A good dentist will be listed on the ADA’s website.

Check Patient Reviews    

The best dentist will have several testimonials from satisfied patients. You should read them to see if their experience matches your expectations.

Final Thoughts   

You need to find a dentist who provides all the latest technology and techniques used in implant dentistry.

Check and compare the prices and select the dentist who gives the best service reasonably.

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