Tips to Buy High-Quality CBD Products

Updated on November 4, 2020

Finding the right CBD products online or in stores can be tricky. If you are a first-timer, it can be confusing, and you can easily land in a shady site with mediocre products. There are thousands of products available in this day and age, but not all are made equally. 

The CBD market is predicted to become a giant among the other industries in a few years, and its horizon has been slowly widening and reaching people of all walks. But before getting your hands on any CBD product, check out these tips to find the best quality. 

Look out for THC

CBD products are made from hemp plants. Industrial hemp is cannabis, which has been bred to have 0.3% or lesser concentration of THC. This compound can give you the feeling of high, and its number is a crucial factor while selecting a CBD product. 

CBD products sold at stores like The Green Dragon CBD have the right information about the THC levels and other determinants for high-quality products.

More Ingredients

Though THC is an essential ingredient to look out for, since these products are something you take in, you have to check for the other ingredients.  

The labels in the CBD products, like the ones at The Green Dragon CBD, usually have listed all the ingredients used in the product. If the labels aren’t clear enough and transparent, don’t blindly invest in the product.

Third-Party Testing

Okay, the ingredients click, but that is not enough proof that the product is of high quality. An authentic third party test certificate or reports will come in handy. You can tick off the first box if there is a report available.

For starters, look for foreign chemicals in the formula. If there are mentions of heavy metals, it can be inferior quality. Check the reports and keep an eye out for products with GMOs.

Hemp Growing Standards

The quality can be determined by how the raw ingredients are made. The products can be highly harmful if they are made from produce pumped with pesticides. The products must be all-natural, like those at the Green Dragon CBD.

Hemp can imbibe everything from the soil around it. Using products filled with chemicals can negatively affect your health, so learn more about the hemp growing standards.

Where Is It Sourced From?

Check from where the seller sources the CBD oil. Products made by companies located in the states where cannabis is legalized usually sell products of good quality. States where the recreational and medical use of cannabis is legal will have strict standards.

This is also an essential factor, as environmental aspects like the pH of the soil and climate may also impact the CBD quality. 

Not all stores that sell CBD products are experts in it, just like the customers who buy it. These tips also check for options like guarantee, return options, and customer service of the seller. If the seller has a wide range, there are higher chances of them being reliable. Always be informed and cautious of what you put in your body.

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