Tips on how to stay busy while being in quarantine

Updated on September 12, 2020

With the whole world coming to a standstill this year, with the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries have been placed on lockdown. Being in quarantine during this period can take a mental toll on many people as being able to leave your house, for anything, comes so naturally to us that we only realize it once it is gone, how essential it is to stay sane. However, with the lockdown extending and many people eventually adapting to it, different tips and tricks are now widely used by homebound people to stay busy and enjoy life, even when confined.  

Diamond painting

Another method through which people can stay busy and entertained during the quarantine is through playing around with diamond painting kits. These kits come with a canvas to paint on, tiny diamonds in various colors, tweezers, a diamond pen, and a gel to keep them together. You can order these diamond paintings online, hence avoiding coming into contact with anyone. Moreover, these diamond paintings are also said to distract the participant so much that they might reduce their stress levels. Moreover, they can also help stay busy as a large painting might take about 10-12 hours to complete. It is a great activity which you can later frame as well, keeping a constant reminder of how you spent your time in quarantine. 

Video calling applications

It is no secret that what we miss the most about having an everyday life is to visit our friends and family, catch up with them and learn about the things happening in their lives. However, with the quarantine, that is now almost impossible. Therefore, with the introduction of video calling and video conferencing applications, you can reach out and talk to anyone worldwide. This will help reduce any feelings of anxiety of loneliness that you or your loved ones might feel as seeing a friendly face could instantly lift anyone’s spirits. It can also help in keeping busy throughout the day and increase productivity.

Learning new things

Many people also have been using this opportunity of so much free time on their hands to learn and acquire new skills. Many websites offer free courses on various skills ranging from computer programming to guitar to cooking. The options are limitless, and they are available at the snap of your fingers. This can also help motivate people to get out of bed, be productive, and achieve something, rather than feeling sad and lonely throughout the quarantine.

Find work opportunities

With many people being in quarantine and being unable to go into work, another healthy way to stay productive as well as being on top of your finances could be through finding opportunities to earn money from your home. Examples could include offering tuition services in any particular area and starting freelancing services to earn from a specific skill people may already possess, like video editing, etc. These methods can not only give people a drive to work harder, but also take up a significant chunk of their time, thus keeping them busy and occupied throughout the quarantine, and maybe even after.

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