Tips for Picking the Best Diet App for Weight Loss

Updated on March 6, 2021

Your diets and food habits are some of the top things to look at when you’re considering weight loss. But, considering the lifestyle that most people live, it can be difficult to stick to a specific diet. With the help of diet apps, you can change your eating habits and schedules by picking healthier foods. This enables you to combat challenging habits and stay focused on your health and fitness goals.

Most apps have excellent resources designed to help you stay focused on your weight loss goals no matter how difficult it seems. The apps can be used on both android phones and an iPhone. With them, you can track your eating and activity habits. A feature of diet apps is the ability to record the food and amount you eat and check the nutritional information.

Each app has numerous helpful features like meal planners, barcode scanners, workout trackers, nutritional information, support forums, and the ability to enter and save your preferred recipes. You can also sync them with other health apps and devices. But, it can be tricky determining the best diet app. Let’s take a look at some tips for picking the best diet app for weight loss.

Determine your end goals

You first need to know what your end goals are before picking a diet app. There will be a variety of apps to choose from. Find an app that fits your fitness needs. Do you just want to track how much you eat to enable you to achieve your weight loss goal or you also need to stay fit or both? 

Most diet apps have been tailored for one specific need. One might let you track calories and the foods you consume and their nutritional information in a journal or diary. Others have a combination of functions where you can track calories, food, and nutritional information and also provide recipes and diet plans.

If you are focused on tracking your calorie intake, don’t put functionality like features like workout videos your priority and go for an app that provides a method of counting calories. Some apps will have support forums, consulting and coaching and the interaction with others and a personal trainer or nutritionist might be what you need to achieve your weight goals.


You don’t need to download more than 2 apps to achieve your fitness goals. Get an app that not only has the features you need but also user-friendly to you. Once you love the features, stick with the app and following it strictly is much easier.

Also, the accountability on an app, like the support of fellow dieters or a personal trainer or registered dieticians along with daily reminders can be quite helpful. The weight professional can help you whenever you need help with determining and attaining a certain calorie target.Take a look at a side by side review of two of the top diet apps in the market to help you determine the best fit for your weight goal needs.

Tools and information

Free diet apps have limited access to some tracking tools, support, and the ability to connect to other devices and apps. In such cases, you might have to use a diet app that offers the special features you need though you will be charged a certain fee.

Diet apps have a database with the nutrition information of the foods. But, this information is mostly entered by other users and may not be entirely accurate. With so many options for one food item, you might have to spend more time getting the right information which is time-consuming.


Before downloading an app, always check its ratings by going through the reviews from previous users. This gives you an idea of what the app can do, how it works and whether it’ll fit your needs.

You will find all the information you need on the app store. An app with low ratings and negative feedback shows that it might not be worth downloading. Check what previous users have said about how the app works, the key components and the results. 


While there are free diet apps, most lack some important tools and features. The ones you have to pay for are either purchased for a one-time download cost, a monthly or yearly subscription fee. The ones that offer access to workout sessions, personalized tracking and more customization tend to be more expensive so make your pick based on what you need and your set budget.

Diet apps are effective but you need one that keeps you interested for you to stick with it and reach your set goals. Choose wisely.

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