Tips for Choosing Multivitamins & Supplements for Senior Dogs

Updated on July 15, 2022

A lean and healthy diet is essential for your dog to ensure good health and maintain its agility and movement because the choice of food can delay the onset of arthritis due to aging. Specialty foods ensure that your dog receives the right nutrients and vitamins, although it might not be necessary for all dogs. If your pet is happy and active, it is asign of good health, and if it stays that way, you need not think of adding supplements to the diet. However, aging causes the natural degradation of the body. If you observe some health problems in your pet, no matter how minor it might be, you must consider giving it some supplements that contain senior dog vitamins.

Before choosing any supplements and multivitamins for your dog based on the signs and symptoms, always consult your veterinarian to judge its suitability and need. It is essential to know what you are dealing with to determine what your beloved pet needs. Multivitamins and supplements are widely used in the US for dogs and cats that can help reduce arthritis problems besides maintaining a healthy and glossy coat and improving the immune system.  But before giving vitamins and supplements to your dog, consider if it is at all necessary.

Does your dog need vitamins?

It is pointless to try to increase the level of vitamins in a healthy dog because it is already receiving enough vitamins and minerals from the food that you must have ensured to be a balanced one. However, if you are giving homemade food to your dog, it might require supplements to boost the level of vitamins. When adding supplements ensure that it matches the diet. Check with a nutritionist or veterinarian to decide what would be best for your dog.

Choose supplements of reputed companies

Since the market of supplements is unregulated, it isn’t easy to accept the manufacturer’s claim by its face value as anyone can make all kinds of tall claims about their products. Besides doing some proper research on the products, focus on the manufacturers and their practices. Look for supplements for senior dogs manufactured by some credible and reputed company with a proven track record. Check if the veterinary field professionals endorse the company, which points to the reliability of their products.

Act with caution

All dog supplements are not alike, and even if you choose a reliable product, you must ensure that it will work for your dog.  Vitamins C and E and antioxidants help to reduce inflammation and helps to boost memory in aging dogs. Fatty acids give a better look to the coat. Whether providing supplements to your young dog is an important decision if you plan to continue with it because none of the supplements have any proven data about its safety for dogs if used for a long time.

Moreover, an overdose of vitamins is also not good for your dog’s health, as confirmed by some veterinarians and FDA. Therefore, seeking professional guidance about your dog’s health is the best way to show your pet’s love.

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