Three Essential Traits of the Perfect Italian Espresso

Updated on September 28, 2019

Coffee lovers know the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of their cuppa! That is not all. When you need to write a media report or a creative essay on a compelling topic, you mostly rely on a strong cup of coffee. From creative blocks to personal tiredness, coffee has been providing a refreshing relaxation to most. Today, the world coffee lovers have many divisions. A prominent one is the Espresso drinkers. 

Whether you order or make your espresso, everyone has their own unique choice. There are the old school coffee drinkers, who prefer the traditional Italian dark espresso. Additionally, there are also other coffee lovers who prefer a livelier and well-nuanced espresso shot. Many add milk. If you want to enjoy an authentic espresso aroma and sip, you can try Purchasing the best Italian coffee with Tiziano Bonini

No ardent coffee drinker would want to compromise on the espresso quality. Hence, the three essential check-points to take note of are discussed below. These three factors need to work in a balanced way to give the Italian espresso its authentic look, aroma, and taste.

1. The perfect acidity

Acidity is best described as the sparkle, which enlivens a coffee. It gives the best lift on the tongue! And the acidity in your espresso might taste like a fruit-forward essence as well. It can be somewhat citrus is taste, such as grapefruit, lime, orange or lemon. Additionally, it can also taste like berries such as raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry. There’s also an aftertaste of apple, melon and sometimes stone fruits like plum, cherry, and peach.

2. You need to have the correct sweetness

The espresso might take multiple forms! It can include various flavors such as brown sugar, white sugar, agave, malt, butterscotch, honey or caramel. The espresso sweetness can be present in any of the ways mentioned above.

3. Bitterness too is essential 

Along with the other two traits, even bitterness has critical roles to play in espresso. It is what gives the espresso shot its distinct touch. Bitterness might also be a negative thing, with coffee drinkers who don’t love an acrid smoke. However, when pain starts to work harmoniously with sweetness and acidity, your espresso has the perfect taste and blend.

All these three aspects don’t need to be the same! There might be a time when an espresso shot has one factor predominant than the other. For instance, a specific profile might start with very dark cherry taste acidity, followed by a chocolate body, having a burnt sugar finish. Alternatively, in another espresso shot, you might as well experience a caramel sweetness that gets further led on by apple acidity. And right after you swallow, it can leave you with a taste of toasted nuts. 

It is important to note, that all three qualities individually have a role to play! It complements each other. And neither one of the qualities needs to stand-alone, masking the other! So, if you are reaching you for that perfect espresso, ensure that all these three elements are at a balance. To make the best Italian espresso coffee, you need to have the best coffee beans. Today, several online service providers showcase the best coffee beans for you to select from. 

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