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Updated on May 19, 2021

Every day hundreds of individuals around the country are attending Outreach seminars, getting some new ideas and information, getting all fired up, and maybe even taking home some nifty Outreach hand-outs or apps.

Yet, their enthusiasm begins to wane as early as the next day as they head back to work.


They may be overwhelmed with putting out Outreach fires, trying to get things done and, of course, archiving the hand-outs and, for the most part, not implementing what was learned at the seminar.

The solution?

Engaging in actual continuous Outreach education.

“Many many years ago we used to instruct only full-day workshops until we found that continuous-flow Outreach education is the ideal method,” says ThinkThroughTools’ CEO, Rich Obertots. “Outreach professionals have to have alternatives to ‘traditional’ workshops.”

As a result, ThinkThroughTools will be offering five online OutreachU™ webinars. There are five from which to choose—individually or all five for a discount. Below is a list of the upcoming webinars:

Friday, September 28th
1pm-2pm (EST)
The Targeting Matrix®
There’s a big world to outreach. You could work 38 hours a day if you wanted. How do you triage that big world to optimize your scarce resources – especially time? Use The TargetingMatrix®!

Friday, October 26th
1pm-2pm (EST)
Most of your competition is asking the client base, “What can you do for me? or “Can you help me?”  Let’s change the game and ask the customer, “How can I help you?” which will, alternatively, build a more loyal customer.

Friday, November 30th
1pm-2pm (EST)
Social Media Use
Social media can and should be used to assist with the “virtual” aspects of your outreach.  But, it will do more harm than good without a plan.  We will review the use of social media for you as an individual to build your own client base as well as how to utilize it as a group to increase your leverage.

Friday, January 25th
1pm-2pm (EST)
Authentic Appropriate Relationships™
Its’ a big world to outreach and there are a lot of potential targets/customers/contacts but there are more and more distracters (within the organization and external).  What is the key to understanding the Authentic Appropriate Relationship ™ to help you with your outreach activities?

Friday, February 22nd
1pm-2pm (EST)
ADAII ™ Systematized Intelligence
You gather industry intelligence, your peers gather intelligence, your customers provide intelligence…what do you do with it all?  How do you systematically decipher fact from rumor?  We will help categorize your intelligence gathering and create a system to coordinate intelligence.

Through these webinars, ThinkThroughTools founders, Rich Obertots, and John Chamberlin will present their proven effective and creative Outreach principles and technologies they have had in action nationwide since the firm’s origination in 2000.

To register for one of the OutreachU webinars, visit

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