These things aren’t great for your back

Updated on May 17, 2022

While it’s hard to point to one part of the body and say that it’s one of the most important, your back is pretty vital when it comes to living a happy and comfortable life. If you have experienced back pain before, you likely know how it can impact your entire day and affect you in ways that you may never have thought.

Though experiencing chronic back pain should be something you talk about with a medical professional, everyone may get a sore back now and again. Here are a few things that may be making it worse.

  1. Sitting on the wrong chair

This is certainly one for those who sit at a desk all day for work. Not sitting in a chair that supports you can be a big mistake when it comes to how your back feels. Even though you probably won’t notice it after a day here or there, it can really add up if you’re doing it all the time. 

Picking a desk chair that properly supports you is so important. It’s not just those that work at a desk that have to think about this, though; even the sofa you sit on in the evening can be doing you harm. 

  1. Lifting heavy objects

The saying “lift with your legs” is there for a good reason. Your legs are much stronger than your back, and therefore you can put much more weight on them. Having said that, though, to transport heavy equipment with just your hands at all might not be great for your back.

People notice this particularly after doing things like moving house, where they have spent a day or two heavy lifting objects and are really feeling it a few days after. 

Finding a heavy equipment transport service that can meet all your heavy equipment transport needs can be a lifesaver when it comes to looking after your back. 

  1. Not stretching

You probably know how important stretching is but often forget to do it. There are many times in your day when you are stiffer than you should be. From when you’ve just got up to after you’ve been sitting in one position for a while, stretching can really help you loosen up.

Stretching is great for your back and can help ease back pain caused by a number of issues. 

  1. Slouching

If you have a habit of not standing or sitting up straight, you might notice that you experience more back pain than your friends and family. This is due to the spine not being able to align itself properly, and though it may feel like your natural state after a while, it’s important to correct this.

Your back is so important, and it’s one of those things that you often take for granted until you experience an issue. Making sure you are looking after it now can really save you a lot of pain and discomfort in the future. Avoiding these things is a great place to start.

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