Thermal Paper Rolls & their use in Eftpos machines

Updated on April 4, 2019

Thermal paper is a special form of paper that is coated with a material, which changes color when exposed to heat. It has multiple uses across industries, but it’s mostly used in Eftpos rolls for Eftpos machines. In fact, it’s the default paper for use in these machines. Its widespread use in these machines is not a fluke. Thermal paper rolls have a huge advantage over other forms of paper. Here are some of the reasons why thermal paper rolls are widely used in Eftpos machines.

1.    They produce an easy to read print  

Anything that involves money needs to be as clear as precise as possible, and this includes receipts. When someone takes a receipt from an EFTPOS machine, they want everything about that transaction clearly printed for confirmation and easy record keeping.  This is best done with thermal paper. That’s because, thermal paper, due to the materials used, is far much clearer than ordinary paper. On top of that, this paper is heat-printed, as opposed to ordinary paper which is ink printed. This makes it much more precise, which is critical for Eftpos receipts.

2.    They are durable

The whole essence of an EFTPOS produced receipt is transaction confirmation, and record keeping. You want a receipt that can last long enough for you to confirm transactions long after you have handled a specific transaction. This is not possible with ordinary paper, which gets destroyed easily due to oxidation and other factors. Thermal paper rolls don’t have this problem.  They have a protective layer, which ensures that they can’t fade easily. Thermal paper can also withstand exposure to water and other liquid substances. This makes it perfect for record keeping. No other paper can compare on this front.

3.    They are cost effective

While the consumer doesn’t pay for their EFTPOS receipts, this doesn’t mean that it is free. Companies prefer thermal paper because it is cost effective. A roll of thermal paper for these machines cost as low as under $100. This is quite affordable for a roll that can be used to produce receipts for a large number of customers.  The cost can be much lower for organizations that buy them in bulk.

4.    They are environmentally friendly

In spite of the fact that they are durable, thermal paper rolls are environmentally friendly. That’s because, they are made of biodegradable materials. This means that no matter how many of these papers are produced, there is no way that they can hurt the environment. In a world that is increasingly cautious on matters to do with the environment, this is a plus.

In essence, this type of paper will continue to be in demand even as the world increasingly goes paperless. They have an indispensable use in record keeping, they are cost-effective, and most importantly, they are friendly to the environment. Besides, they are easily accessible and one can make an order online. The best companies do deliveries worldwide. One such company is EPR, a thermal paper roll dealer based in New Zealand.

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