The various health benefits of a keto diet

Updated on August 16, 2020

If you are considering different weight loss options, it’s not surprising that you must have come across a few of the low-carb food plans, such as ketogenic diet. Every time you eat something, you pile up some amount of calories within your body. Uncontrolled consumption of high calories, especially from carbohydrates, can lead to a variety of health issues. Keto diet focuses on the healthier intake of calories from fat and proteins rather than carbs, including sugar, soda, and white bread.

Although the keto diet is mostly about helping people with weight loss, its health benefits extend beyond this. The menu program can be useful for heart, brain, epilepsy, and other patients also. However, it needs more profound research in support of the claims. Anyway, here is a brief about some potential advantages of this diet that can tempt you to dive into it.

Weight loss program

With this diet, you can expect to shed a considerable amount of pounds in the initial three to six months compared to many others. The reason behind this faster impact can be its ability to convert calories into energy than carbs. Since you get lots of protein and fat to consume, you tend to feel less hungry.

Good and bad cholesterol

Those who advocate this diet suggests that it can increase the production of good cholesterol in your body and reduce bad cholesterol. That can happen because when you are on this diet, your body creates less insulin and thereby less cholesterol. How long you can enjoy its effect is still unknown. But you can stay safe from several medical conditions, such as blood pressure, heart attacks, etc.

Healthy skin

Consumption of high carbs can lead to acne breakouts in the skin. And you can witness improvement when you control its intake. Similarly, lower insulin can also be helpful in better hormonal balance, and as a result, fewer chances of outbreaks. However, to what extent you can benefit from a keto diet in this field still needs more supporting evidence.

Nervous system disorders

An issue with the nervous system can put your spinal and brain health at risk and also the connecting nerves. The diet can be useful for conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and insomnia because of its ability to save brain cells from harm by converting fat into energy and producing ketones.


Hormones like insulin store sugar for producing energy in your body. With keto diets, you can arguably consume it faster to avoid the issue of storage. As a consequence, the body wouldn’t need much insulin. The controlled levels of this hormone would eventually safeguard your health from the risks of certain types of cancer. 

So, if you want to lose weight as well as enjoy multiple other health benefits too, then you can give a thought to trying a keto diet. Usually, you need to prepare your meals by following strict nutritional guidelines under this program. But you can make it a bit simple by opting for keto-friendly South Beach Diet. You can read details about it at Dad Quarters. Also, it will be wise if you consult your doctor once before starting anything new.

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