The Ultimate Guide to Vaping: All You Need to Know

Updated on November 12, 2019

Vaping is relatively a new trend, introduced a replacement to smoking. Terms like vaping, e-cigarettes, and e-juices are simultaneously coined to refer to vaping.

But…What is vaping?

Vaping is referred to as inhaling the fumes(vapors) generated by heating a compound, either for medicinal or recreational purposes. Usually, an element powered by electrical energy heats herbal contents to evaporate the resins and volatile compounds. The vapors generated thereafter are inhaled by the user, thus the term vaping.

Though vaping and smoking both involve the consumption of herbal products by inhaling, they are not the same.

How is vaping different from smoking?

While vaping produces vapors, as already mentioned, smoking involves inhalation of smoke produced due to the burning of herbs. As it is obvious from this statement, vaping does not involve any smoke production, since there is no burning of any material.

Of course, smoking a cigarette or a toke poses the risk of exposure to smoke and other harmful intoxicants produced due to burning. This is the major reason, why vaping is considered a safer alternative to smoking. Since there’s no smoke, there’s no chance of tar deposition in the lungs when you choose to vape over smoking.

Typically, vaping requires specialized pieces of equipment with sophisticated technology. The equipment consists of a power source, a heating element, a chamber for herbal contents, and a mouthpiece to deliver the vapors produced. The basic construction of the equipment remains the same, more or less. But still, there are different versions of it available in the market with varying features.

What are the types of vaping instruments?

Depending upon the preferred end-use, vaping instruments are broadly classified into two types:

  • Portable Vaporizers

Incredibly discreet and compact in size, these vaporizers are meant for use on the go. Equipped with an internal battery, portable vaporizers are usually used for vaping concentrates and e-juices. As explained by, when choosing a portable vaporizer, you should check out the power modes available in the device. This would allow you to adjust the temperature so as to suit your taste and get the best clouds of vapor from your equipment.

  • Desktop Vaporizers

If you’re looking for a more powerful vaporizer that lasts every session longer, then desktop vaporizers are the best choice. Offering a choice of delivery method, you can choose either balloon-type vaporizers or direct draw vaporizers.

Apart from the delivery method, desktop vaporizers are further divided into two categories based on the load type.

  • Dry Herb Vaporizers

These are perfect when you wish to vape the resins directly drawn out of dried herbs. Simply load a specified amount into the heating chamber, turn on the device and you’re ready to go. Passing a stream of hot air through your high-quality dry herbs, the resins and other volatile compounds are drawn out of the herbs, which you can enjoy as vapors.

  • Concentrate Vaporizers

The second type is the more popular one. The vaporizers are loaded with cartridges or dabs of waxy concentrates, extracted from high-quality herbs and tobacco. With the help of a heating element, either wick or coil, the concentrates are heated and converted into vapors. The pure flavors of herbal extracts and dense clouds of vapors are the reason why vaping enthusiasts love concentrate type vaporizers over dry herb vaporizers.

The choice of vaping concentrates:

When it comes to choosing the concentrates for your vaping equipment, the range of available concentrates can boggle your mind. Here are some common types of concentrates that you’d find in the market.

  • Herbal Extracts

These are usually, the extracts drawn from marijuana or cannabis. The most common concentrate that vaping enthusiasts look for is CBD oil. Due to their highly valued medical applications, patients suffering from psychological or muscular disorders prefer CBD wax and oils.

  • Nicotine Juice

Offered as an alternative to smoking tobacco, nicotine extracts, commonly known as e-juice are good for smokers who wish to quit their habit. With varying concentrations of nicotine content in the juices, you can choose from a wide range that suits your taste buds the best.

  • Flavored and Non-Flavored Concentrates

Surprisingly, some vaping concentrates are simply meant for recreational purposes and offer only flavors. The range includes a wide variety of juices from fruity flavors, to the ones that resemble to the taste of tobacco, and more. If you don’t wish to vape herbal or nicotine concentrates but still want to try vaping, then flavored concentrates are the best choice available in the market.

Having known what vaping is, and how you can enjoy the best experience, it is advised that you do it responsibly.

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