The ultimate guide to making Vegan Seafood

Updated on August 6, 2021

Many vegans nowadays started as pescatarians, and then became vegetarians, and lastly vegans. That is why today’s abundance of vegan seafood options is so wonderful. You can consume Sophie’s kitchen – vegan seafood without actually eating any fish or sea creatures in various ways. Plant-based cuisine has come a long way, and it is now easier than ever to savour ocean flavours in completely vegan meals. Seafood is salty, tender, and flavorful in its own right. Here is a compiled list of the finest ways to incorporate salty, seafood-inspired flavours into your plant-based meals.  

Shiitake nigiri

In this delicious vegan sushi recipe, sticky sushi rice is topped with shiitake mushrooms. The marinade is a unique blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, mirin, and chilis that infuse the mushroom caps with Asian flavours.

Carrot lox

A bagel with cream cheese and lox are one of those indulgences you may have assumed you would have to give up for good. Carrot strips seasoned with tamari, liquid smoke, and kelp seasoning, on the other hand, have the smoky, salty flavour of lox and pair well with your favourite vegan cream cheese.

Lentil luna

If you miss tuna salad, try this vegan alternative made with common cupboard ingredients. Lentils take the place of tuna and are seasoned to form a full spread that can be whipped up quickly in a food processor or mashed with a fork.

Crab-less cakes with tartar sauce

Crab cakes that are sweet and delicate on the inside and crispy on the outside are a seafood treat that you can still enjoy as a vegan. Chickpea flour, which can be found in bigger grocery shops or online, holds this mixture of marinated artichoke hearts, shallots, and celery together.

King oyster mushroom scallops and pasta

The thickness and texture of king oyster mushroom stems are ideal for substituting for scallops. To simulate the flavour of fresh scallops, they are steeped in a garlicky marinade of vegetable broth and white wine, and then served over spaghetti with chopped tomatoes mixed in a white wine sauce.

Lobster roll

Thanks to canned hearts of palm, these vegan lobster rolls have the same taste and texture as the real thing. This vegetable has a mild flavour that allows it to absorb other ingredients such as old bay spice and dill. You would not miss lobster anymore.

Fish sauce

Fish sauce is an important ingredient in so many Asian dishes that it shows when you do not use it. This quick vegan fish sauce is made with soy sauce, dried mushrooms, and dried seaweed. Sophie’s kitchen – vegan seafood will take your cooking to the next level and help you veganize all of your favourite Asian cuisines.

End line  

Whether you are making a meal or following a recipe, make sure to include all of the components of a well-balanced nutritious meal to ensure you get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need to flourish. Thus, follow the recipes mentioned above to enrich your flavours.

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